Losing Weight -Lets Lose Weight Together-

A plan to lose weight with realistic expectations, we can do it together!

I am a college student that weighs approx. 190 pounds, the heaviest i have ever been. I work part time, I go to school full time and somehow tries to maintain a social life.

With all that on my plate and attempting to put health as a priority. Ask my friends how many times I have tried to start a diet and failed; Too many to count. But what makes this time different?

I am tired and my health is seriously suffering. I am a witness of the yoyo diet person that fluctuates in weight. But as my friend once said to me.

You have to want it! And want it bad because this is not just a diet; its a lifestyle.

Diet would mean that its temporary, but this time I am hoping to lose 50 pounds.

And to any of my readers that are interested doing the same. I will give along what ever exercise I am doing how much weight I am gaining or losing. What I am eating. Tips on how not to sabatoge your weightloss progress and of course some nice jokes to uplift your day.

Now what plan you have for yourself will work the same if you proceed with me and bare with me.

We can do this together. :)

Everyone is free in putting their input on what has worked for you. And what you are doing to put health as a priority.

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