Losing Weight with Oats

At the present time doctors and nutritionists to adjust and maintain weight advise to include oat products in the daily food, and for effective weight loss recommend oatmeal diet.

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Dietary oats dignity is determined by its high biological value, which is due to the chemical composition of cereal. Oats consists of protein – 17% Fat – 7%, carbohydrates – 57,8%, starch – 36.1%. The proteins of oats contain high amount of essential amino acids – lysine – up to 8.5%. In addition, grain oats contain minerals that are important in human nutrition, namely: copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, iodine, fluorine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, etc. However, of particular value is oat soluble fiber (called beta-glucan), content is about 11%.

For the first time the usefulness of oats, American scientists have identified as early as 1957. As an ingredient of food, it has great potential. Fiber helps cleanse the body and eliminate toxins. Due to its high absorbency cellulose surface captures a significant amount of toxins and removes them from the body. Soluble fiber is also a stimulant of intestinal motility. It can not be degradable by bacteria of the colon, did not add extra calories and is excreted unchanged. When injected into the colon and blind beta-glucan is gradually transformed into polysaccharides, which serve as nutrient for the colon microflora. The result is improved functional status of the gastrointestinal tract and the normal intestinal microflora. Fiber also speeds up the progress of food through the digestive tract, improving digestion.

A good portion of oatmeal for breakfast  is useful for those who want to lose weight or is afraid to gain it. It provides a feeling of satiety for a long time, since oat soluble fiber makes you feel full even on small portions. Oat fiber carbohydrates are not degraded in the upper part of the digestive tract, so it does not bring unnecessary calories. The result: extra pounds disappear in the most natural and effective way. For comparison, coffee or tea with sandwiches, on the contrary, cause most people have an acute attack of hunger somewhere between 10 and 11 hours.

Another useful property of beta-glucan is its impact on digestion. Beta-glucan restricts contact between digestive enzymes and nutrients, reducing their absorption. Studies show that due to a viscous mass formed by partial dissolution of cellulose in the digestive tract slows down absorption of substances, including fats and carbohydrates. One result is a reduction of insulin secretion by the body. A surplus of insulin is known to stimulate fat deposits.

For these reasons, many countries nutritionists advise to consume adequate amounts of fiber. Daily intake is 45 to 50 grams. For example, a dish of oatmeal contains a quarter of the daily requirement of soluble fiber. A three-fourths cup of dry oatmeal flakes cover the daily requirement. Currently, there are a number of oat products with different content of beta-glucan. So concentrated oat bran contains the highest percentage of beta-glucan – up to 15%, ordinary oat bran – 6%, and oats – about 4%. Oats can be eaten raw or lightly brewed with the addition of yogurt, honey, nuts and fruits. Corn flakes, remaining completely natural product, is a modern kind of food. The flakes require a minimum cooking time (up to 5 – 10 minutes), and some flakes do not require cooking in general, which saves additional nutritional and medicinal substances of the product. And along with the traditional oatmeal popular now ready to oat mixture with the addition of oat bran and other cereals, or, for example, dried berries.

Of course, the results will be better if the changes in your diet are supported with physical activity. But by reviewing your diet, you can make your first step to beauty and health.

For detoxification and weight loss doctors, nutritionists recommend drinking a decoction of oatmeal.

Oatmeal broth.

3 cups oats, rinse and fill with 3 gallons of water. Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, then remove from heat and wrap in 24 hours or leave in a thermos. Later, strain broth through a napkin, add 100 g of honey, close the lid and allow to boil again. Let cool and refrigerate. Add fresh lemon juice. Drink the broth of 100 ml per day, half an hour before meals. Courses are held three times a year: spring, summer and winter.

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