Marching Into The Peace Corps, Pt 27: If You’re Craving, You’re Doing Something Wrong

There are tons of articles all over the web that tell a dieter how to beat the nighttime cravings. instead of going on the defense, why not take an offensive position and deal with the situation so you never have cravings in the first place? there’s a better way to deal with cravings than sitting and waiting for them to strike.

I make it a daily habit to view a variety of websites with diet and fitness news not only for my blog, but also to potentially add to my weight loss knowledge. Today I stumbled across an article on MSN fitness that talked about ways to beat the nighttime food cravings. They had some good suggestions, but the article seemed to miss the mark from any number of directions. If you’re craving, you’re doing something wrong with your diet. The trick is to figure out what you’re doing wrong in order to prevent the cravings in the first place or else you’ll never truly stop them.

Since I’ve been on the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle diet, I haven’t experienced cravings for anything, and I’m happy to report I’ve lost 15 pounds on the program, and a total of 27 pounds overall. I wish I had discovered this plan the day I started the diet – I’d probably be much further along towards my goal. It is truly the most common sense diet I’ve ever been on, and I know I can stick to it and adapt it to local foods when I enlist in the Peace Corps later this year.

So what makes this diet different that you don’t experience cravings? The eating plan is based on ratios (similar to the Zone Diet) but you have complete control to customize the food – you are no longer subject to eating a food you can’t stand, which was always my problem as a picky eater. I hate grapefruit, but it always the breakfast of choice in every diet in the 1980’s and 1990’s! I choked, gagged, and gave up because the diet had no possibilities for substitutions. That’s not a problem for me on the BFFM plan, and I’m thankful!

Based upon the ratios of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, you start off with a basic formula and then customize it according to the results you are receiving on a weekly basis. You might find your weight loss is stalled and then discover your diet is carbohydrate heavy; you change the percentages slightly to discover where your optimal fat burning is, which may sound complicated or hard, but it’s not at all. In the appendix you will find all the calculations done for you in easy to read charts that tell you how to eat for your body.

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