Measure Inches; Lose Weight!

Why is this better?

When people are trying to lose weight, they will most likely pay more attention to the numbers on the scales than anything else. Although this might well be a good thing to do in principle, you will find that you will get weeks where it looks as though you’ve gained weight when you know it’s impossible considering what you’ve eaten during that week. If you’re female, your menstrual cycle can have a huge effect on how much water your body holds, and this can mean that it looks as though you’ve gained weight when you haven’t. Even things such as eating a salty meal can cause your body to retain water and therefore cling onto those pounds; even though you probably have fewer pounds of fat in your body than you did the week before. 

Going by what size clothes you’re in is a fantastic way to go about things. This shows that you are actually getting smaller and no matter what the numbers on the scales say, things are going your way. When you’re losing weight, you’re much more interested about what you look like rather than what the scales say, and what you look like is what other people are going to be judging you on so it makes a lot more sense to base your own judgements about your progress on your clothes size. Personally, when I am losing weight, I like to buy a pair of jeans which are a little too small and then exercise and diet until I fit into them. The sense of achievement when you manage to do this is just fantastic, and then you can get another pair to try and slim into after you’ve managed to fit into your current pair.

However, going by clothes size alone might be a little bit disheartening as you might find that you’re in the same pair of jeans for a month. A month is a long time not to see any progress when you’re losing weight, so it makes a lot more sense to take measurements of various parts of your body with a tape measure instead of just going on clothes size alone. If you do this, you will find that your body will change almost daily. If your make recordings of your measurements every week then you should be able to see a difference of at least a couple of centimetres every week, which will show to yourself that you are going about it the right way.

Pounds alone don’t tell the whole story. Be proud of yourself for what you’re achieving, because losing weight is hard! 

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