My Weight Loss Experience with The Acai Berry Diet

Do not fall for acai berry scam. You may have come across advertisements claiming to help you lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I was one of the victims of the acai berry scam.

Instead of losing weight I lost hundreds of dollars! Some may lose weight after seeing the credit card bill with acai berry changes (Pun Intended). If you are thinking of taking a Free Trial of acai berry, Stop Now and read every bit of this article in detail. It could save you hundreds of dollars if not more.

I know getting back into shape is of utmost importance to you, and you can spend money on something legitimate. But would you like to spend hundreds of dollars on something that claims to be FREE, only to find you keep getting billed everymonth.

The companies claim to offer the product for Free and sign you up into monthly subscription without you even knowing. Some offer 7 day trial, some offer 14 days trial. Once the trial period is over, you are slapped with a heavy charge. Some companies bill $128.00 some even more.

The nightmare does not stop here.

Till the time you find out about these charges and try and get the company to cancel the subscription, you may already get charged with hundreds of dollars.

Canceling of Subscription is not easy at all.

You have to call the number thats listed on the companies website only to find no one is there to answer the call. If you lucky to get through, you will have to wait for un-imaginable time to reach someone. Once you do, you have to explain tons of things before they actually cancel your subscription. Even after the cancellation, you can never be sure of not getting billed again.

I found out after reading several stories that many people preferred to get their card cancelled instead of getting their acai berry subscription cancelled.

Why I know so much, because I was one who was looking to lose weight like you. I fell for the acai berry scam. I had lost hundreds of dollars, and lots of time. Thats when I decided to write about it and make others aware. Dont get disheartened! There are better ways to lose weight without getting scammed.

I did not give my hope to lose weight even after so much trouble. I started to look out for genuine weight loss system that does not scam people.

The diet solution program by Isabel De Los Rios is really something that you will ever need if you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off. You can lose weight without…

Eating bland food

Intense exercise


Crash diet

Harming your body

Counting calories/points

Going to meetings

Dangerous pills

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