Negative Effects of Eating Too Much Mint

Negative Effects of Eating Too Much Mint.

It is said that the consumption of any food in adequate quantity is an advantage, but eating it can be harmful. Each food around us has some advantages and disadvantages. In general, they tend to look only to the benefits of a foodstuff and are ignorant about their side effects. Mint is a species as being very beneficial in many fields, but is harmful if taken in excessive amounts.

Mint and features

The word mint comes from the Latin word herba green crops. Mint, a herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae (mint family). It is native to Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Leaves, seeds and flowers are the plant parts used in food flavoring and in medicine. Mint is also very rich in nutritional value. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A and C that are vital to good health. A certain amount of vitamin B2 is also found in it. Is the family of herbs that have medicinal and culinary uses as well.

Mint also known as peppermint has the authentic smell of mint can be obtained from the rubbing of the leaves. These leaves are dried and used for tea with mint. Since ancient times, mint has been used as a breath freshener. It is found in chewing gums, mouthwashes, soaps, candy, salves or creams, etc, which gives the fragrance. The main components of the mind that are responsible for giving the aromatic qualities of menthol and menthyl.

Mint is also known as spearmint. The leaves are dark green, oval with pointed ends. The herb contains essential oils of menthol, but not in large quantities, as it is in mint. It is not as strong in taste like peppermint and therefore can be used in regular cooking. Can be added to sauces, dressings and pastries. Chopped leaves can be added to salads.

Other varieties of mint bergamot and lemon mint, catnip or catnip and basil, ginger, mint, mint chocolate used in deserts, garden mint used in cooking regular pineapple and mint used in salads and desserts.

Mint not to eat too have side effects?

Although mint is a plant widely used herbal is safe when consumed in small quantities over a short period. It has some negative effects if consumed too much. Mint leaves are used in the preparation of mint tea, one of the most popular teas consumed in the world. It has been used for several years due to its various health benefits. To cure indigestion. The strong scent of peppermint helps relieve headaches, too. However, drinking mint tea in excess can cause various health problems. The internal use of peppermint tea can cause skin irritation, flushing (redness), headaches, irritated mucous membranes and heartburn. Menthol is one of the active chemicals in the mint tea and may lead to throat in young children and adults as well. A person who is allergic asthma should avoid using foods containing mint. Women who are pregnant or nursing a baby should avoid drinking mint tea. Peppermint tea during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. The application of peppermint oil on the face of a child can cause serious breathing problems.

To avoid the negative effects of the mint, you should take the recommended dose. Both peppermint and spearmint are available in capsules, liquids, tea and oil. The experts advise against doses of spearmint and peppermint recommend correct dose. The following are the experts recommend doses of mint:

Like tea: Soak 1 teaspoon dried mint leaves in a cup of boiling water for at least ten minutes and cool. Drink two or three times a day between meals.

In capsules: 1 to 2 capsules three times a day to cure irritable bowel syndrome.

As oil or ointment: Apply the cream or ointment containing menthol active to treat skin irritation and itching.

As the Spirit (dye): It is useful to treat headaches caused by tension. Take the tincture containing about 10% of peppermint oil, 90% ethanol applied n the forehead gently. Let the dye or the spirit to evaporate.

I hope the above article helps you understand the need to consume adequate amounts of mint in order to obtain benefits. Follow the dose above the recommended experts and avoid its negative effects. Having a healthy and happy life!

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