Obsession in Weight Loss

Ill give you some idea if you can consider you self obsessed about weight loss.

People now are really conscious about their health.  That’s why there are lots of clinics specialize in different things. People give time to their self to visit their doctors. It’s a good thing that they are conscious about health. People must really take care of it, because life is too short and if you have lot of stuffs that you enjoy, you must take care of your self so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Speaking of health, weight loss is the most common thing that we hear about.  But some people are obsessed about weight loss specially women. Being fat can stop you wearing your favorite clothes and can lose your confidence. When they see the scale with more than weight that they want to be, they feel depress.  They are really conscious about weight loss actually men too. Of course no one wants to be fat, because it gains insecurities. Most of the times they don’t see weight loss as a thing they need to achieve to be healthy, most of the time they see it as mirror of their beauty.

Actually weight loss is a good thing.  It symbolizes health and a good appearance, but not all time. Sometimes they see it as the thinner you are the more attractive you are,  but being too slim is not healthy too. There are different kind of methods that can help you to loss weight because lot of people are seeking  for effective way to be fit and maybe you are one of them. Don’t you realize that maybe you are acting too much about weight loss? It can be obsession about weight loss.

I do my research for you to give you some idea of signs of being obsessed in weight loss.

♣ You are getting too conscious about the number in your scale.    

♣ You feel uneasy when you feel your getting fat.

♣ Your very choosy in food that you intake even you feel hungry.

♣ Even you don’t feel good you still continuing your diet.

♣ Everyday you look in the mirror to find the changes.

♣ feels insecure when they get fat. 

♣ Feeling depress about weight loss.

♣ When they having Internet, the only thing they research is all about weight loss, and so much more…

Let me tell you, having weight loss is a good thing unless it’s too much.  All things that are too much is not good. Being obsessed is not a healthy thing. If you want weight loss make sure to your self that your weight is much. But if your weight is already OK, then just maintain it. Don’t force your self to be very thin just because you want to feel attractive. Skeleton body is not attractive either LOL: D having right exercise, good lifestyle, and a good diet is enough. One more thing, don’t do weight loss because of beauty, do this for your health.

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