Safe Exercises for Obese and Overweight People

If you are an obese or overweight individual, your exercise regimen will be different from an already healthy individual.

The fitness and weight loss industry is a multi-million dollar corporate world. People spend thousands of dollars a year on gym memberships and exercise equipment. However, when viewing the advertisements and reviews of these things, most seem geared toward an already-fit populace. There are no obese or overweight people bouncing in an aerobics class or using the latest fitness machine.

There are two reasons for this. Number one, obese and overweight people do not sell exercise equipment and gym memberships. Secondly, many of these classes and machines are not safe for the physically un-fit.

If you are an obese or overweight individual, your exercise regimen will be different from an already healthy individual. As recommended, you should always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine. After that, there are some safe exercises for obese and overweight people outlined below.

Sit Down Exercises for Less Stress and Pain

For the severely overweight and obese, as well as older people and those with mobility or balance issues, sit down exercises are good options. These types of exercises can be useful in building basic muscle strength. While seated in a chair, individuals are able to a variety of arm raises, leg lifts, and bends and leans. All of these gentle exercises, especially on those who are quite obese, will help to build necessary strength for future exercise attempts.

Water Exercise for Endurance and Strength

After the obese or overweight person has graduated from the sitting exercises, swimming and pool fitness is a great alternative. In the water, there is much less load on the joints and bones. This greatly reduces the chance of injury and serious strain.

A wide variety of exercises can be done in the pool or other body of water. Jumping, standing breaststrokes or arm swishes, and leg lifts and kicks are all great exercise for the obese and overweight.

Walking – A Beginner’s Guide

The final type of exercise that is appropriate for the obese or severely overweight is walking. Most fitness magazines focus on thirty minutes every day, or maintaining a four mile per hour speed. For some obese and overweight individuals, that is simply impossible.

When beginning a walking exercise regimen, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Number one: get good walking shoes. Obese and overweight individuals need high quality sneakers with good shock absorbing qualities. Number two: bring water. People in poor physical condition tend to sweat more when exercising and thus need their liquids replenished frequently. Number three: however far you go, you still have to get back. Pushing yourself to go too far is never good. Do not be ashamed to take breaks, sit down, or walk a very short distance to begin with.

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  1. I’ve heard that walking my dog isn’t good exercise. I was told it is because he stops so frequently to “water” items. Is this true? I would think that any type of exercise I could get should be good exercise.

  2. This is rubbish. If you have gone from sitting on the sofa, to walking your dog, then walking is good exercise. It doesn’t matter how far and how fast, it matters that you are moving. As you feel better and stronger, and don’t be worried if it takes a while, you’ll walk faster and so will the dog. The thing is to stop being completely sedentary, and move more.

  3. Well I am about 306 pounds. And I have made the decision to start moving more and loose some freaking weight. My cousin is about 140 pounds and we have started the Cabbage Soup Diet. And we’re also gonna start walking. What I would like to know is if their is anythig else we can do to loose more weight quickly???
    Any advise would be nice!!

  4. Christa, be careful with fad diets like the cabbage soup diet! It may work at first, but once you start eating again you are more likely to gain all of the weight back, and then some. There is no quick fix for losing weight! I have had to learn that the hard way. Go to your doctor and talk about the best and healthiest way for you personally to starting losing. I have tried everything from weight watchers to celebrity cleansing diets, and when I finally went to the doctor we decided that counting calories, and short bits of exerices every other day would be best for me, I might mention I weighed quite a bit more than you when I started! Once I got used to it, and believe me I fell a few time, but kept getting back up, I started losing at a rate of 5 lbs a week, eventually I tappered down to about 2 lb per week. I am done 60 lbs now and am on track to keep losing! Basically I wanted to tell you to be careful and good luck!

  5. ***sorry*** that above post is for Christina, typo on my part! Again, good luck!!

  6. im 19 and i weigh 265 i gaind 100 ibs since i graduated high school! I hate my body and i dont have the self control to go on i diet i tried weight watchers i coulnd count the dumb point and calorie counting was so hard to keep trck of and i didnt know anything about it i want to get rid of all the weight i want to go in the milatary but im to heavy for them what can i do eveything hurts and the sitting stuff just kills me cuz i used to play lacrosse and swim and now i wont get in a pool an i hate running around cuz i dont want to be tired the next day!!!!!

  7. Any walking compared to no exercise is very good. Resistance training 3 times a week followed by walking and walking 2 to 3 other times a week will help you lose weight the healthy way. If you strictly cut calories without resistance training you are left with lots of extra skin as well as depleting your body of the calorie burning lean muscle that will help you maintain your weight instead of gaining all back plus some.

  8. In January I joined a biggest loser competition that my job was offering. The rules were pretty simple and it was so cheap to enter, I was 312 lbs and 32 yrs old so my odds seemed so low to win. It was based on percentages just like the TV show and our teams had to weigh in every Monday. I began slow with a low fat diet using good carbs in my diet to give me energy. I walked every morning and evening and then brought in weight training to build strength and muscle. I went from a size 26 to a size 18! I lost over 65 lbs! The contest ended recently in October I didn’t win but I came in 2nd place overall in the individual contest. I still won in the end because I now go to the gym 4-5 days a week and would like to lost atleast 50 more pounds. I had ups and downs throughout and thought at time there was no way I could continue on. The girls at my job were all so motivated they started fitness programs and joined the same gym as well. They are starting a new contest on 11/15 and I plan on joining again! I want to win this time but as heavy as I was if I can do it I know that you do it too Amber!! Just remember one day at a time and your going to hate Cardio but the more you do it, the better you feel and now I can actually keep up with my very energetic son and it feels great!!

  9. I’m 60 years old, & I have 2 knee replacements. I weigh 278 lbs & I heard that knee replacements have to be replaced in time. My husband took very good care of me while I was recovering from my surgeries. Since my husband died last year, I’m a bit afraid of walking very much, in fear of wearing my new knees out. I now live alone. I had been thinking about buying a treadmill, but I don’t know if I should. I would have no one to care for me, in the event I needed further surgeries. I tried doing other exercises, but I get too exhausted after just a minute or two. Please help me. Thanks

  10. Hi Patti, have you ever thought of doing some aquatic exercises? The nice thing about exercise done in water is that it is low impact, so it shouldn’t put any stress on your knee. I know that at most local YMCA/YWCA they have seceral types of water exercise classes. If I were you I would start there, as running on a treadmill may be a bit much on your knees. Along with the low impact exercise, maybe you could consult with your doctor or a nutrition specialist to get on a healthier diet to shed some of the weight you are worried about. Best of Luck!!

  11. ur site was useless!!!really!!!

  12. I disagree w/ the comment from aileen …. I did a search looking for ideas & I just jotted down a few notes to myself. I am 42 & weight approx 305…I’ve always been overweight, but I used to stay very active for my size…the past 6 yrs or so I’ve just gotten very lazy & lethargic….I want to change!! I want to be able to move again & go on the hiking trails that I couldn’t this bday…I miss that so much!
    Thanks for the place to get a lil inspiration today :)

  13. i am fat and unhappy. All my life i was slim and happy but got fat in the last 12 years. i drank a lot of alcohol and have been depressed from bad relationships. i have a good one right now and wish to loose weight, not for him, but me ,how can I . not eating is not the answer, duh. Just what to do without the fads. I have a treadmill and am using it now.

  14. Well, I’ve read everyones comments and thought “how nice” of the personal trainer and the people who’ve lost weight to give advise. I’m 26 and a new mother, I weigh 250 lbs and I’m only 5′5
    this is so sad to say. I need to lose weight and I’ve done the Alli thing and trim spa and all that and have come to realize I just have to eat LESS and better AND EXERCISE. I hate exercising (in the begining) I just need some pointers on how to reduce fat in some problem areas – like my arms (ick!) and my lower abs, I know there in there! I had a c-section and it seems my normal “pouch” is now huge and I can’t seem to lose it lol PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!! Thanks

  15. Blu: exercising at first is a drag because of the lack of conditioning people start exercising with. Its hard to just lose weight in certain areas. You should focus on the body as a whole. Stick to your cardio i would say at least 4 times a week but try for 5. You can do some low intensity resitance training
    but i wouldn\’t focus on this as much as the cardio like maybe do 15 to 20 minutes of resistance training 2 to 3 times a week.
    So here is what it would look like MON: 30 to 45 minutes of cardio but low intensity(pace yourself) focus on duration rather than intensity. TUES: 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of low intensity resistance training, WED: do the same as Monday, THURS: do the same as tuesday, FRI: take off SAT: Repeat monday\’s training, SUN: take off but take a nice walk in the park or something if you have time nothing crazy just go enjoy some fresh air. A couple other tips i can offer are just ideas switch to whole grain bread products and don\’t eat after 8 pm also take the stairs at work. And make realistic goals you should lose weight at a steady rate over time so like 1 to 2 lbs per week. At the end of 20 weeks that\’s 20 to 40 lbs and that is awesome. Just keep it up and realize that if you want to lose weight and keep it off its a lifestyle change and you gotta realize that once you stop exercising it all comes back so never quit. I believe in you. Last thing keep it fresh do things that you enjoy to do don\’t conform to just walking on a treadmill, grab a basketball go shoot some hoops and walk after the ball this way you work on some cool skills and you can get better a basketball or something else you like to do there are alot of posibilities out there for you and if you are doing something that is fun to you it is more likely that you ll continue it. My buddy lost 60lbs doing martial arts and he found a passion in it now he\’s almost a black belt. :) good luck.

  16. laura: That is great that you are losing weight and in your case these products were prob a good thing. But losing that kind of weight in a short amount of time is unhealthy. I would never recommend someone use products to shed pounds the only healthy way is through a diet of moderation and exercise. The problem with supplements is people become dependent upon them and once they stop taking the weight comes back if you are not exercising and eating well. Just take that into consideration and especially now that you can use your legs again there is a whole world of fun exercise out there for you. So consider losing the supplements now that you are able to exercise and get out there and enjoy what exercise has to offer it really can be fun.

  17. i dont know how much i weigh. im off the scales of the gym i just enrolled into. so im over 350 pounds and it wasnt even teetering. i started 2 weeks ago walking 1 mile a day on the road by my house. when i got where i could walk that mile in 20 minutes i joined a gym. I started this morning actually got there at 7 am. i walked on the teeadmill keeping my heart rate at 130 for exactly one mile. then took a water break for 5 minutes and did a short circuit training on the non free weight machines using very little weight but 3 sets of 30 on each machine then i walked for one more mile though at a slower pace. If i do this daily (as i intend to do) how soon would i start seeing resuilts? or is there something else i should do?

  18. I am currently 20 years old and I weigh 350+ lbs. I freely admit that I have a definate weight problem. It’s not that I eat a lot of full meals. Most of the time I eat one or two meals a day but I snack off and on during it. I want to exercise but I can never seem to get motivated to get off my behind and do it.

    When I actually do end up doing something I get winded really easily and I have hardly any strength. I feel weak and my back aches from doing stuff or just bending over to lift things sometimes. I have tried diets but I have never really found the motivation to stick to them. Counting calories also seems to be a hassle as well.

    I am scared that I will have heart problem or diabetes but I still do the same things all of the time. I hate the way I look and am ashamed to be outside without a shirt on. Clothes are getting harder and harder to find since retail stores don’t carry much of my size. Is there any advice anyone can give me? Anyway to keep myself motivated?

  19. I am 25 and weigh 250lbs. I am getting married in 6 months and you think that would be motivation to lose weight. It isn’t! For the past month I have been telling myself that I will start to work out and eat right tomorrow. So far I still haven’t started. I want to get healthy and look great for my wedding but I cannot get motivated. I have always been a binge eater to the point I sneak foods and lie about how much I eat I have also always had problems with weight to the point where I have had high blood pressure and during my pregnancy I had diabetes. If I do not lose the weight there is a chance it will come back. After reading some of the stories on this site I have decided that I will force myself to get up early every morning and at least walk for 20min. Hopefully, it will be a start to something good. I would any advice as to how you stay motivated to exercise and stay health.

  20. I’m a 24 yr old mother of 3 and am about 5′1 and weigh 375+ pounds and have tried several diets however I’ve either not felt they worked or just couldn’t stay focused on counting carbs, I hate to admit it but sometimes I think I may not be around for my children to grow up, I relize I need to change however I’m not sure how to start or the right exercises I should do can u help?

  21. i am extremely over weight and i need help now! i am 4ft 11in and i weigh 230! i am morbidly obese. i have tried and tried but somehow i cant seem to stick to my diet plan and i never get to excercise. This website is completely useless except for the other peoples stories.

  22. I have read both with relief and with sadness that there are so many of us working at this and feeling both the emotional and pyhsical frustration that many of you have expressed. Realistically, I cannot exercise much, I love food and think about it often and there are some things that appeal to me and others not. I had to get real with myself about that first. Next was to develop a plan that spoke to those things for me. I am not going to eat couscous and sprouts and workout 40 minutes a day. What seems to work is: 1) food plan: write down all of the foods that you love and then find healthier ways to make them. Next cut the portion. Graze throughout the day on those things on your list. 2)exercise plan: Sit down exercises. Every 5 lbs lost, I add 5 more minutes. When i lose 50 I will graduate to swimming and another 50 i will walk. If I can only do 2 minutes a day, that is all that I do. This takes longer but it is the most surefire way to get where you want to be. Stay strong and stay steady. You will get there.

  23. I completely forgot to ask about the one issue I can’t seem to find much about. The Fitness Trainer addressed it briefly. For those of you that are losing weight, how is it that you guard against sagging skin? I will not be able to afford any treatments. Any advise?

  24. I’m 48 years old and 5′7″. I’ve never weighed over 140lbs. I’ve had alot of stress and sadness in the last couple of years. I now weigh about 265lbs. I can hardly walk to the bathroom without having to stop and rest. My income is very low and I don’t work. Is here anything can do at home to help me lose weight, without hurting myself.

  25. Hey I am 24 and really overweight (over 400lbs.) and just started at the gym last month. I don’t know if I am losing weight but people are starting to make comments. I am scared that I wil have sagging skin because I am so fat now. Any suggestions HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP.

  26. hi there well i used to be over 500lbs and i went down to 300 and now losing again, so yes u get saggy skin but later in life u will feel a hole lot better and than one day u can get that removed

  27. Hello – ive been reading everyones tips to excersise and noticed nobody has even thought of just starting anew sport or activehobby like dancing – i mean try going out and joining a fun class.

    Ever tried ballroom dancing? slasa? belly dancing? YES ladies it ok to have a belly to belly dance with lol. What about a martial art or self defence class? Or tennis? there are loads of sports out there – make it fun – the word Excersise sends a chill down most peoples spine – so dont think of it that way. Go out and scocialise make friends and have fun.

  28. I have recently (9 weeks ago) changed my eating habits. I am no longer eating pork or beef, no fried foods, limiting my sugar, only drinking water, trying to eat only whole grains, and alot of other little stuff. I started this because of high blood pressure, possible diabetes, and just wanted to live longer for my sons. I also have recently started walking 20 minutes a day. I feel a whole lot better, but the walking is hard because of my weight – over 400 lbs. I have lost 50 lbs. Every time I want to give up, I just think I don’t to be alone when my sons grow up and leave me.

  29. I am 17 years old and weigh around 280 pounds. I have tried diets but i do not have the will power to stick with them. I really want to lose at least 50 pounds before I graduate high school in June. If you have any suggestions that would be great.

  30. Renee,
    First off, diets don’t work. They are a temporary solution to a permanent problem. You have to look at the way you live. Are you sitting on the couch from the time you get home from work or school until the time you crawl into bed? Are you eating a bunch of stuff that you know isn’t good for you? If you’re like most of us that are larger than we want to be then… probably. You’re only 17 so, your chances of making changes and sticking to them is a lot better than those of us who are older and more set in our ways. Try to be active every day. Try to say yes to fruits and veggies and no to second or third helpings of other things. Don’t completely deny yourself sweets or whatever it is that you crave because that would just be setting yourself up to feel like you’re being punished which often leads to over eating. Make sure you let your friends and family know that you’re trying to be healthier and ask them not to offer you things to eat that aren’t healthy for your body. Heck, try to get them to walk with you or play a sport or something. The more people you have supporting you the better! Good luck!

  31. I am 21 years old and weigh about 350 lbs. I do have a disease that caused me to gain this much weight, but I plan on losing it.. Now…. I was thinking to my self a few days ago that I want to be around for my boyfriend (who i plan on marrying). I could care less what other people think, but I do want to live my life to the fullest, and you cannot do that at 350 lbs! I have made a commitment to myself to eat healthier and excercise more. I know it will be the hardest thing i will ever do, but it will be worth it =)

  32. 33 years old 295lbs and over weight my entire life. I recently read, “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul Mckenna and it’s changed my life!! For all of you out there it’s not your fault you are over weight it’s the consequences of dieting! Having food/calorie restriction is the brains signal to crave and obsess food to keep our bodies from starving. Best advice I can give all of you is buy this book and read it. It’s not just another crappy drink your water, eat your celery and exercise 5 hours a day diet book. It will change your life for the better!! Good luck

  33. 52 years old and overweight all my life but in the last couple of years have a seizure disorder that really slowed me down getting used to the meds so gained even more. I was up to 375+. I recently, due to a cancer diagnosis of a close family member that really motivated me to try again, have been eating healthier. The best way I found to lose is NOT to diet but try to eat whole grains (max 2 per day ), no sugar and of course cut out the things we all know are bad. Eat small quantities. I am not focusing on the weight loss (in fact I don’t know how much I’ve lost but clothes are fitting better) but on my daily health. If you are craving something so much that you want it, have it. I now need to start exercising so will take it slow, 3 X per week and probably start by walking. It is the easiest and cheapest way to go. I tried walking tapes in the past and they really, really helped. There are different paces. I am having a hard time drinking water but I will get better. Lastly, forgive yourself. It is so easy to get in a cycle of such perfection that you cannot forgive yourself if you see a failure in some way. This is I have had a hard time keeping it off when I lose.

  34. I am 20 years old and over 400lbs I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. My biggest problem was when I was 17 I lost over 100 lbs in 5 months by starving myself. Now I gained all of the weight and then some in less then 3 years. Is there any advice someone can give me because I do not want to die…

  35. i am 14 yrs old and i weigh neally 15 stone i love my junk food and am lazy to exercise.

  36. i am 14 yrs old and i weigh neally 15 stone i love my junk food and am lazy to exercise.

  37. Hello Everyone…I am 23 years old and weigh 325lbs … i have fluid retaining problems where my ankles swell up bigger then a football round…Heart problems run in my family my father passed at 39 in 2001 from congestive heart failure i was 15 and overweight then too… i then lost my mother to a heart attack at 50 in 2003 and i was 17 and at 260 lbs so in 6 yrs ive gained 70 lbs i am so sick of being fat i hate myself most days and i cant get healthly no matter whats in my head i am sick i know i am im also scared i dont want to die…. i eat everything thats wrong for me someone please help i need someone there for me maybe a email friend to help me back and forth everyday

  38. georgina, i am overweight and looking for a email/online buddy so contact me please, without going into detail there are heart issues in my family too. my email is

  39. I am 34 and 335 lbs. My weight has never been an “issue” to me until my doctor told me after the birth of my 2nd child that I was a “stroke, heart attack, diabetic catastrophe just waiting to happen.” Still it has taken me almost a year for it to really sink in. I was grocery shopping when it just hit me.. I don’t want my children growing up with the same problems I have, the same problems my mother (who has diabetes and has had a heart attack) has. I might now be able to consciencely “diet” and exercising may be something I struggle thru, but i sure as hell don’t have to buy cookies and sugary cereals to set them up for failure in life. It is my responsibility to teach them better habits than I was taught. I cant force my Husband to diet either ( age 34 and 240LBS) but once again I sure as hell don’t have to buy the sodas and frozen pizzas for him either!
    funny thing is 3 weeks later none of us miss the chips or pizzas or cookies.. replacing them with lower fat and lower sugar versions and learning a normal portion size we aren’t hungry we content and I love taking a family walk at night even if it is only a few blocks right now.
    For once I feel in control.

  40. I am 25 years old, and I weigh well around 450lbs. I am here for a reason though. I want to let all you people know something.. you can do it. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be in better health? I will tell you the true secret to losing weight, being in shape and reaching any goal you want. Believe it or not it\’s very simple. WILL POWER! For all of you people who say \”I\’m too lazy\” and so forth, GET UNLAZY! Nobody can do this for you! Nobody can make you lose weight! Nobody can make you eat better! I\’ve been overweight all my life and it wasn\’t until recently that I decided I couldn\’t live this way anymore. I\’ve now been cigarette free for a week after smoking for 10 years. I joined weight watchers, which really does make a difference for helping you learn to eat properly. And I now speed walk 2 miles a day! Its all about yourself. You have to love yourself enough, and realize it\’s your life, and only you are in control of what takes place in it. So I wish you all luck people, I really do, just remember, it\’s all inside!

    Oh and to the post from Melanie about this book and stuff saying \”It isn\’t your fault you are overweight\”, I disagree. Each and every one of us who are free of disease (thyroid ism, etc) are the ones who decided to eat more and work less. We are responsible for our own outcome, current state, and future state. So to me the book sounds like a load.

  41. I am 25 years old and weight 160 kg (which I think is at least 320 pounds) I live next door to the school and walk my daughter to her class each day which is only about 100mtrs but it gets my heart pumping. I have some medical problems emerging and am really scared. I need to loose weight, I WANT to loose weight, I know all about foods and fat and sugar content and carbs etc.. but I need some exercises that I can do during the day, I really want to push myself but seeing as I am obese it is a little limited. Ive read obese people need to start with sitting down exercises, but I am not that bad. I still walk, still do house work etc.. so I need to start from there. Also, is there a chart which would show you, for example, if you weight 100kg, eat a bowl of cereal, how long it will take doing a certain exercise to burn off that cereal? If I could find that, and make sure I was exercising more than I was eating, I figure that would work. Some advice would be fantastic. Thank you

  42. Weight gain didn’t happen overnight, even though it feels like it, and weight loss and regular exercise habits will not happen overnight.
    Be patient, the good things in life are worth the hard work, determination and even time.
    Look inward, then outward. Prepare yourself mentally each and everyday.
    You can succeed!

  43. Believe it or not, breathing is an exercise. Start today with some deep breaths every hour.
    Bicep curls with soup cans.
    Straight leg raises while sitting in a chair. Move leg up and do outward from chair, then back to original position.
    Walk 5 min each day, 3 times per day….just this week. Don;t worry about next week, God will take care of that.
    Bless us all!

  44. I got up to my heaviest around my 50th birthday, I’d seen it on;y a few times before… It really started to bother me, I started to get really depressed again – fearing I’d never ever have another relationship – let alone a healthy mature one…

    So in September I started doing yoga again, and in a while started doing a walking video and started a food plan with 4-5 meals a day eating protein each time with a fruit or a vegetable at each meal, and then added some toming with bands…

    At first I lost 5 pounds a month – but now its only been 3 pounds… I’m starting to get bummed again. I am down to a smaller size jeans but that’s it, for all this work – six months of exersicing 5 days a week for 45 minutes – an hour, I’m not losing very much weight compared to all the wild success stories I keep reading in all the ads everywhere…

    I don’t want to become discouraged and bored with it… that’s been the biggest problem in the past.. I have a reunion in June – I was so hoping to have lost a little more weight and look a little better…

  45. To #40 Chris good for you, i hope you stick with it and reach your goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. I am having problems developing an eating and fitness plan that will work for me, mostly due to my schedule. I work full time third shift. Even though I am really busy at my job, it’s not a very physically active one. When I get off of work at 7 AM, I drive across town to start my classes at 8 AM (I am a fulltime nursing student also). I do clinicals or class until about 1 PM. Then I go home and try to sleep for a couple hours, and some evenings I have more classes at 5 PM. I have every other weekend off, so I try to catch up on sleep then, but I also have a lot of homework to do. I also have 2 small children, ages 2 and 4, and because of work and school, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them, so I really don’t want to go to a gym or something where I am away from them, if I have time off.

    Also, I have some good eating habits established, but some things are not working for me…for one thing, I drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, because I am so tired all the time. I don’t drink sugared drinks, though. Another issue is that I am vegetarian, but I do eat eggs and dairy, but not really much dairy. Also, I am allergic to wheat, so that cuts out a lot of the foods that are in all the diet magazines…it’s REALLY hard for me to find foods I can eat, so sometimes, especially at work, I end up getting Cheetos or something from the vending machine, for lack of other options…

    As you can see, I do not have much time at all for exercise or cooking/shopping for food. What tricks can I use to live more healthfully, and how do I do “Chair exercises” at work? THANKS!

  47. I am overweight but the thing is i eat healthy with whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and salad. I run down our gravel road for as long as i can everyday. And I do workouts. However, i do not lose weight. I have a sister that eats everything and she is a toothpick. I dont understand.

  48. I have read a lot of your comments and it seems like most of us have the problem and very few if any have any words of wisdom so I don’t think this has helped me. I guess i got myself in this shape and i will have to get myself out, all by myself. I hope you and i can beat this problem before it beat us.

  49. I have ALWAYS been heavy. I was heavy as child, as a teen and even heavier as an adult. I worry about my children. I don’t want to see them obese. My entire family is heavy. My sister had gastric bypass and is very, very sick all the time. She has had 17 abdominal surgeries due to bowel blockage and now has Crohn’s disease. In 2006 I was hit by a pick up truck as a pedestrian. It messed up my right leg very badly. I had to have my ACL, PCL and MCL replaced with cadaver ligaments. My knee is now stable, but very painful and I limp very badly. I also wear a metal leg brace to support me when I walk. Being overweight never interfered with my life before. I was very, very active and even though I was overweight I could keep up with my kids and friends while hiking, biking or rollerskating. Now however I struggle to walk. I now need to lose weight because I need to get the extra weight off of my knee. It will by no means fix the problem, but it may lessen the wear and tear it currently suffers and help my good knee from giving out earlier than it will if I shed some weight. Eventually I am looking at 2 total knee replacements. I am only 35 and they want to hold me off for 30 years so I won’t have to have them replaced too often. I would love to hear any suggestions for good exercises that can be done while sitting. Good luck everyone. I know we can do it.

  50. I don’t know how much this will help but any movement you can do sitting could work. From stretching to dancing in your seat. If possible leg lifts too. Every little bit helps so don’t be afraid to experiment on what you are able to and make up your own routine.

  51. Hi everyone. I am a personal trainer and work with alot of different people everyday. There is no easy answer. I wish I could tell you differently. You have to have a plan and believe that you can change your body.This is a day by day process.

    Carry a small cooler full of healthy snacks with you for times when you are hungry and tempted to eat stuff you shouldn’t.

    Make time to do some walking every day. Maybe just 10 minutes away from your house and back. For the first few weeks you will need to start out slow. Just try to do it every day. Soon you will be able to walk farther. Then you can start to do intervals where you pick an object(say a telephone Pole or a red car) that you try to walk to faster. Do that a few times when you are walking. walking is great exercise and for the first few weeks will be all you need to do. You can walk in a pool too. Don’t worry about people seeing you in a bathing suit, most pools will let you wear a t-shirt and shorts over your suit. Finally, you must convince youreslf that you can do it! If someone else can lose alot of weight you can too. It will take time but time will pass anyway and you deserve to feel good about yourself.

  52. Karen – I agree with your comments, except the “no easy answer”. I have lost 150 pounds in 2 years by doing 2 simple things. As you said, exercize is part of it and I found exercise that suits me – walking, swimming, golf (walk the course and carry bag), basketball… all of these activities are fun and need very little motivation to start up.

    But the second part is quite simple – eat healty. I did not say diet. But label reading at the grocery store can pay dividends. 0 trans fat does not equate into healthy. Look at total fat, calories, CHOLESTEROL, SODIUM (that’s how they make fat free dressing taste so good), carbs, FIBER… I found that eating breakfast items such as high fiber cereal w/ blueberries and 1% milk tastes really good and is good for me. Salad, fish, chicken, low fat/sodium soups – nothing complicated. Just like exercise, eating the right foods should leave you satisfied, not mad! Eat smaller portions, but like you said, have some healthy snacks close at hand (bananas, apples, oranges, celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes). Eating 5 times a day, in combination w/ exercise will get that metabolism cranked up and your body burning fat naturally faster.

  53. Hi iam 57 years old and weigh 310 pounds . Everyday activities are getting harder for me. I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I would like to lose my weight healthy but would like to know if anyone with the same problem can buddy up with me so that we can encourage each other. My e-mail address is

  54. Hi I am 49 yrs old and weigh approx 400lbs, maybe a pound or two less, I am 5′3″ in height. I have been obese all of my adult life, morbidly obese from mid twenties and grossly obese after having my four children, who are ages 19 -24. I have watched all types of diet programs, Oprah, Dr. Oz, and some of the scams for many years, needless to say at my present weight, none to my success. I don’t blame it on anyone but myself and I am eating much healthier now, because it makes me feel much better, but I get so turned off when watching these promising programs because all seem to include some type of rigorous exercise, which I am not able to perform, not only because of obesity, but because of the severe arthritis. I use a wheelchair for mobility and can stand a walk for very short intervals. I have arthritis in most of all joints but most remarkably in both shoulders and knees. I keep lookin for some of these programs to include exercises for people who cannot due the usual cardiac, aerobic, walking exercises and cannot find any. I have written to Oprah, Dr. Oz and Bob Greene with this concern, but never a response. So, I am open for suggestions. Don’t mean to sound whiny, just want to work on all aspects of healthy living.

  55. Sandra-
    Do you have access to a pool? I instruct an arthritis class
    in the pool and it is alot easier to move pain free in the water. You can do water walking the length of the pool gradually increasing your exercise time.
    Many pools have ramp access and some have a chair lift. Also, you could try one of those small pedal exercisers that you do sitting in a chair.

  56. Hi, I’m 38 and 270 lbs. I have lost weight through diet and exercise 15 years ago (got down to 172 and looked great!), gained back because of office jobs and laziness, lost again through Weight Watchers (about 25 lbs), then got lax and gained it back. When I was pregnant with my son, I started at 250 lbs, gained only 16, and lost 32 after his birth (within one month). However, I have gained it all back and then some in the last 2 years. I have found that eating lots of vegetables, drinking water instead of soda, and limiting (but not eliminating) my snacks helped. I just need to get motivated to begin a healthy regimen again.

    I saw a lot of posts about the excess skin, and in my experience and research, have found that if you drink a lot of water while losing weight, and lose on average only 1-2 lbs a week (after the initial “water weight” loss at the beginning), then your skin will stay elastic and shrink with you. Your skin gets flabby if you lose too much too fast (especially through fad diets) and don’t keep it hydrated. Hopefully this helps!

  57. Hi, I’m 46 and weigh 284 pounds. My highest weight was 306 3 years ago. I joined Curves and lost 43 pounds in 6 months. I got sick and stopped all my dieting and curves. I gained weight back over the last 3 years up to 298. I have recently been put on prosac for my depression and droped 14 pounds in 3 weeks. I was about 10 pounds over weight when I was a kid and teen. I weighed about 130 as a teen and went to 196 during my first pregnancy. Since then I had 3 more kids ending at about 240. Since then I kept gaining. Yo Yo dieting has messed me all up. I have to work twice as hard now to lose weight. I have bad knees and a pinched nerve in my back. I want to lose about 100 more pounds but don’t know how. I have a small pool I will use it this summer. Any other ideas from anyone?

  58. Im 16 so i dont really have alot of money to blow on expensive diets, and i was wondering if anyone knew a diet that i could would spend no more then 200 dollars a month on.

  59. I’m 25, 5′3. I just started walking 2 weeks ago and I was at 298lb… Right now I’m 287lb. I started out walking for 30 mins then I got use to it so I went up to 45 mins. I just started walking for an hour now. I don’t feel tired until I know it’s almost time to head home. I walk for 30 mins in the morning and an hour at night. I use to eat one meal a day not to lose weight but because we don’t have food. So my body stored it as fat. Now I’m eating 5 meals BF, SNACK, Lunch, SNACK & Dinner all healthy food. All my foods are whole grain. I keep track of my food intake on my iPod and I’ve made myself a schedule when to eat and exercise. I’ve also joined traineo . com to keep track of my weight. Screen name Katsy0507 on traineo if you want to look me up. If you want to get in touch you can contact me on there. I hope everyone is trying their best!

  60. I am 30 years old, 6ft and weigh close to 500lbs. I recently joined the YMCA to start excercising and started eating better. I cut out all colas and drink water and tea. I never been a person who liked sweets just deinking colas. I have been large my whole life and I am trying to slim down. My ideal weight is 200lbs and I know I would still be considered overweight but its better than my present. Any info on how I could safely lose more weight?

  61. for the overweight people, just find a nutritionist that could custimise a food plan for you or find a trusted website on the internet. Then just start a resistance training 3 times a week at a gym by having a personal training show you how to work out or at home do your research on the net and get your workout at home, theres many things you guys could do without going to the gym and without weights. Finally do any cardio excersise for 30 mins a day 3 times a week. It simply it just takes the will to do and be consistant with it , so do your research so your doing the right thing and make it happen. One motivation – excersise and losing weight it will flip your life around in many areas- relationships, energy level, confidence self esteem, focus and more.

  62. Weight loss differs from person to person. You shouldn’t beat yourself up for not being like someone else or their situation.
    I am a personal trainer and believe that everyone is not meant to be even a size 0-6. I personally struggle with time constraints to exercise. Feeling like I have to do it makes me not want to do anything. So I try to make my workouts more effective and do them in less time. There are lots of things to do at home. Step up and down on your porch step. Do punches and kicks to get your heart rate up. Run in place or high knees are great if you you can’t do the running. You can get a swiss ball and a couple of dumbells and have a complete workout. Walk as much as you can. Green tea is one other thing that is really healthy and helps increase the metabolism. I drink the tea only but not taking it as a pill; Those formulas have other things in them that I do not want. I stress what someone CAN do and for them to work up to doing more challenging exercises or modifications of exercises. We all are working toward something in our lives, toward something in our fitness journey and we have to believe in ourselves instead of beating ourselves up for everything.

  63. You sound like you are where I am. I lost my husband over 2 years ago and had so many things fall apart in my life after that. I gained weight like no bodies business. I need to exercise and the kids want me to go here and there and exercise but I hurt so bad I cannot do this stuff. I will try what you are doing and ask God to help.

  64. I am 31 years old. I weigh 314 lbs. Every night when I go to sleep I wonder if I will wake up… I have done crazy diets before and lost lots of weight only to gain it back plus some. I am really gonna do it this time. I only want to lose 15 lbs. Once I do that I will set a new goal. Not dieting. Just eating whole foods. Taking fiber and vitamins. Swimming… Want to start walking. I just don’t want to die.

  65. YOU SMELL!!!!

    FATTY FAT FAT !!!bom bom!

  67. Let me give you all a sound piece of advice – a lot of you are in your 20’s and 30’s. Lose the weight now while you’re young and your metabolism is young. I say this because by the time your reach 40, you’re whole body is going to change. Everything starts to head south including your metabolism. Losing weight will be extremely hard and gaining weight, extremely easy. Don’t wait until you get to 40 to start doing something about it. Other things start becoming important by the time you’re 40 like your own mortality. So, start taking care of yourselves right now! I’m 45 and I can tell you – it sucks to be overweight – I wish I had listened to my mother who gave me the same advice! Good luck to all!

  68. I’m 5′1″ and weigh around 210 lbs, I’ve found that dancing is a great way to drop some of the weight, it doesn’t have to be any kind of dance, just goofing off but stay with it till you feel you just can’t go on anymore and push yourself just a little further, I lost about 35-40 lbs doing that in 2 months, don’t think of it as exercise, just put on some music and dance while you clean your house or just for the fun of it. Good luck to everyone on your weight loss, hope this can be some help to others as it has to me :-)

  69. Hey guys – a great book I read, which actually works for me is “Exercise and the F word … Fun” by Martha Lourey-Bird, which is a required text for my uni subject. If you need some motivation, you should read this book, because its so easy to read, has lots of pictures, is written in a relaxed style and is so encouraging! It also is relatively cheap, you can borrow it from your local library or buy it for I think under $20 dollars?
    Hope I didn’t sound like an ad, but this book really just worked for me, because I actually enjoy exercising now!

  70. I’m 22 years old and obese. Growing up I was always a little heavier than everyone else, but I also naturally packed on a little more muscle. I was never considered fat, just bigger. I was active, I played softball and was constantly dabbling in other sports as well. I quit playing softball in high school, and I was still slightly active. I slowly started gaining weight, but nothing TOO bad. Its been 4 years since graduation and I’ve packed on at least 50 lbs. Its hard to get back into physical activity after a 4 year break, I need something that will help me get myself into shape. I know that I can’t start out too hardcore, and I know it isn’t going to happen over night. I eat decently, so I don’t know that my diet is a big issue. I’m just lazy and need help getting into working out again! I wish swimming were an option, but I don’t have access to a pool. I’m new to the area I’m living in, and I haven’t noticed a gym anywhere near me!

  71. hi all

    I am awaiting bariatric surgery, I am experiencing all the problems you all mention. One fun way I have discovered to get a little more active and that is using my Nintendo wii, playing tennis or boxing for 20 minutes each day is not only getting me active it is improving my mood so the dieting is becoming easier. I am 25 stones and am trying really hard to make small changes, one step at a time.

  72. Hi, I was 26 and was at 309 when i started exercising. I never took it too seriously and fluxuated around 300. I have lately started eating better, eating smaller portions and snacking on fruit and crackers. I am losing weight and and feeling better! some tips i have are all the people saying they are sore and hurting the next day, i understand. I started doing a good stretch before walking and it really helped me with the soreness. I also alternate between walking and biking to relieve some of the knee pain. Reading about people heavier than me doing it and sticking to it really helps. It reminds me that anyone can do it with motivation! thanks yall!

  73. I am 5′11 and am sure I weigh more than 400lbs. Whenever I go out, kids and teenagers shout insults at me – ‘oi skinny’ etc. I am keen to lose the weight, but these insults just get you down, and you lose all your enthusiasm, and just want to go home and have a drink. Does anyone have any ideas? The local swimming pools do not have any special classes for ‘larger’ ladies, and I can imagine the sort of abuse I’d be likely to get there. I cannot afford to join a gym. I eat healthily, but it seems I’ve got to a point where I just can’t get the weight off. I’m 32 and diabetic. I really want to do it, and was wondering if there is anything I can do in my own home to get the ball rolling? Does anyone know of any good videos?

  74. I’m 35 5′3″ 230 lbs. And the problem I see here will all of us, is that we are sitting here on the computer instead of up and moving…….so I am going for a walk LOL

  75. I’m 25, 5′11″ and 330 lbs. I’ve always been on the heavy side, but this is the heaviest I’ve been, and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I have the drive to lose, but need a way to keep myself on track. Anyone know of any good tracker sites, or does anyone keep a blog on their progress?

    plan is to eat more fruits and veggies, walk, and swim (I love the water, and nuts to those who don’t want to see my jiggly self in a swim suit).

  76. hiya, i\’m susan a mom to a gorgeous daughter and am so desperatly wanting to lose weight to have another child.i\’m 27, 5\’2 and 392 pound, i am looking for a diet buddie so we can help each other out when we feel like that bar of chocolate or packet of crisps,lol. i have recently purchased the biggest loser dvd and i do 20 minutes everyday and love it so far, if you are interested in being diet buddies email me whenever you like hunni…, i\’ll look forward to hearing from you love susan xxxxx

  77. Hi, I\’m 17 and my father is obese. He has been overweight since the day I was born, and I couldn\’t imagine him any other way because I love him the way he is. However, I know it is crucial for his health to become fit and healthy so that\’s why I have begun to step up and help him in achieving this goal. He has begun walking and dancing, and I\’d like to know if there are any there other ways for him to lose some more weight? Also, he has severe asthma so this is another issue that has impacted upon his weight.
    Please, if anyone know of any good ideas it would be much appreciated. I want him to live long enough to see his grand-children :(

  78. I didn’t make it to my reunion in june, and slowed down (stopped) exersizing in the heat of the summer,, and sure enough I started gaining the weight back,,, I’m up 5 pounds from where I was, having lost over 30 pounds

    I was really sad and bummed and disappointed – it seems I need to exersize just to maintain, what a drag… So I started walking, a new thing for me, I am walking one mile three times a week and trying to do some indoor walking to videos the other days… I hope maybe I’ll get back to yoga or pilates and some weight training with the bands…

    SO I’m back at watching my carbs better, hoping to cut back ont the sugar in my coffee, and do more water… Wish me luck. Keep talking gals… The support is good

  79. I would agree with most comments on this bolg. Starting a new excercise program is a drag at first. It takes a strong commitment from you to do it. Before I married and started a family I was 250lbs 33yrs old. Felt terrible. I started a new job which offered a gym membership at a nearby club. I began to go at 5am everyday. It was tough at first but after 2-3 weeks I found I couldn’t stay away. On my own in 5 months lost 50 lbs and kept it off for 3-4 years. I went everyday for 3 years. Never go sick. Began biking 60 miles on weekends. I’m 45 now and back at 250 lbs. With 2 kids it’s hard to do but tomorrow I’m going to start again. Slowly since I’m older. I would like to work up to running a marathon in a year or so. Also, I’m changing to a mostly vegan diet, except for fish. Good luck to all.

  80. i am 26 years old and now after having 2 children i have gained alot of weight with each pregnancy and kept it on, i feel myself being more and more tired my back and legs hurt all the time, i have now reached 308 pounds and it is affecting my children i refuse to be in pictures with my family, i only leave my house when i have to , i am completely secludes beacuse of how i look, it has gotten to the point that i do not want to be seen in public with my husband because i do not want to embarass him for what i look like so we do nothing outside together, how i look consumes my every though throughout the day its all i can think about, i avoid mirror and ive now started to binge eat where i eat until i hurt and then throw it up, it has definetly reached a scary point and i need to change this for my children and to save my marriage, if anyone would like to be my support weight loss partner and do this together i feel i cannot do it alone than please join in this weight fight with me and lets make a better life for ourselves and our families together……

  81. My dad weighs 450 lbs.He has fatty liver disease, low blood platelet count, leg ulcers, diabetes, and very bad knees as a result. If we try to make healthy foods, he eats too much of them and then buys himself several gallons of ice cream and 10 lb bags of nuts anyway! The only activity I can get him to do is bowling on the Nintendo Wii and the occasional shopping trip. He is 58 years old and killing himself with food.
    What can I do to help him recognize his problem?

  82. Dear 19, You don’t have to deprive yourself or count ridiculous points to lose weight…Go to … Its awesome and honest, no fad dieting and no vigorous way to hard exercises required. Good Luck!

  83. i would like to help my ideas would be say you have 2% milk.. buy 1% but put it the 2% gallon container. another idea would be mabey buy nutisystem and give it to him with out telling him hoped i helped good luck :D

  84. I’m 19 and just graduated school. I had an eating disorder which put me at a healthy weight(190) but i kept getting sick and finally I ended up having to fix it. Well now I’m overweight (235) and I hate my body. This is the biggest I’ve ever been. My family isn’t exactly the kindest on words and my dad has offered to workout with me but the retired marine drill instructor is just too hard on my out of shape overweight body. (I’m sorry but I can barely run half a mile let alone a whole mile my first time back in the gym. I can barely run up my stairs!) I want to lose weight the right way so that a) I stop getting horrible cavities that keep me away from sugary foods and b) so that I can stay fit and healthy and looking good for a LONG time.

    Oh and I notice you guys say run outside but in my neighborhood… yea… it’s not a good idea let’s just leave it at that.

  85. Obviously u two assholes didnt have anything else to do so u decided to be rude to some nice people. Go blow yourselves-Thats probably y ure on the internet now, you cant get anyone…

  86. If you stop saying over and over again that you WANT to lose the weight but still have yet to start, then maybe it really isn’t that important to you after all. If you want to see overnight results then that’s one thing that will NOT motivate you, so get that thought out of your head! It’s something you NEED to do.

    I made a promise to myself when Jan. 1st, 2010 rolled around that I would finally get serious about losing weight. My husband will be ETSing from the Army in October, and we’re moving back to his home state of Oregon where hiking through the mountains is a big part of his family time. I want to be able to do these things with he and his family, not to mention I want to feel better about myself and have an even more amazing sex life. I also have PCOS and my doctor doesn’t think I will be able to have children until I get to a healthy weight. I’m 26, 5′3”, and I started off right at 250 lbs. in January. As of today, April 10th, I have lost a total of 22 lbs. It hasn’t even really taken much effort considering we generally eat decently healthy anyway since he has to stay fit, but I have a desk job where I sit for nearly 8 hours a day, and having food sit on my stomach was making me gain weight at a pace of about a pound every week, but that was with very minimal movement throughout my entire day. Since my department is on the 2nd floor of the bank I work for, I have been opting for sprinting up the stairs instead of dragging up them, and we also live on the 2nd floor of a fourplex, so I always make it a point to sprint up those steps, too. A few weekends ago I finally broke down and decided that just counting calories and eating smaller, healthier meals wasn’t enough for me, so I dipped into my savings and ran out to buy a trusty treadmill. I turned our empty 2nd bedroom into somewhat of a mini gym complete with a neoprene hand weight set, full-length mirror, a gale force wind fan (it’s awesome), a mini fridge stocked full of water, and an MP3 compatible stereo. I bought my husband a Body By Jake Tower 200 this past December that he uses religiously, but now that we both have equipment to exercise with we take 20 minutes out of our schedule every other evening to work out. He has shin splints so he can’t run, but he’ll do his resistance training with the Tower, and I’ll be facing the window on the treadmill with my bottle of Fiji alternating fast-paced walking and jogging, but always with it inclined at 3%. It’s hard as hell and you’ll want to give up on more than one occasion, but if you keep your mind focused on what you’re working for then it usually will motivate you more. Also, seeing my husband’s face light up when he tells me how proud he is of me inspires me to get back on the treadmill and do another mile. I have already built my stamina up from only being able to do half a mile before I gave up to doing just over a mile in my 20 minutes. I’m always drenched in sweat afterward, but I feel like I just won a marathon and it’s amazing. Eventually, I want to be able to go out and jog the neighborhood without crawling back home.

    You can sit here at the computer and read online articles about weight loss and talk to others who are in your same boat, but in all actuality you could be spending that time doing what you KNOW you should be doing. You always have the tools available to you, but you need to learn how to utilize them effectively. Walk the neighborhood, the local high school track, or seach Craigslist for a treadmill. Eat smaller meals that are low in calories, and do not stuff yourself. Just eat until you’re satisfied. Drink NOTHING BUT water. Don’t give in to temptations like sweets and sodas. It will completely suck to begin with, but as soon as you start seeing the weight fall off you will enjoy it so much more and it will get so much easier. I promise.

  87. If you stop saying over and over again that you WANT to lose the weight but still have yet to start, then maybe it really isn\’t that important to you after all. If you want to see overnight results then that\’s one thing that will NOT motivate you, so get that thought out of your head! It\’s something you NEED to do.

    I made a promise to myself when Jan. 1st, 2010 rolled around that I would finally get serious about losing weight. My husband will be ETSing from the Army in October, and we\’re moving back to his home state of Oregon where hiking through the mountains is a big part of his family time. I want to be able to do these things with he and his family, not to mention I want to feel better about myself and have an even more amazing sex life. I also have PCOS and my doctor doesn\’t think I will be able to have children until I get to a healthy weight. I\’m 26, 5\’3\’\', and I started off right at 250 lbs. in January. As of today, April 10th, I have lost a total of 22 lbs. It hasn\’t even really taken much effort considering we generally eat decently healthy anyway since he has to stay fit, but I have a desk job where I sit for nearly 8 hours a day, and having food sit on my stomach was making me gain weight at a pace of about a pound every week, but that was with very minimal movement throughout my entire day. Since my department is on the 2nd floor of the bank I work for, I have been opting for sprinting up the stairs instead of dragging up them, and we also live on the 2nd floor of a fourplex, so I always make it a point to sprint up those steps, too. A few weekends ago I finally broke down and decided that just counting calories and eating smaller, healthier meals wasn\’t enough for me, so I dipped into my savings and ran out to buy a trusty treadmill. I turned our empty 2nd bedroom into somewhat of a mini gym complete with a neoprene hand weight set, full-length mirror, a gale force wind fan (it\’s awesome), a mini fridge stocked full of water, and an MP3 compatible stereo. I bought my husband a Body By Jake Tower 200 this past December that he uses religiously, but now that we both have equipment to exercise with we take 20 minutes out of our schedule every other evening to work out. He has shin splints so he can\’t run, but he\’ll do his resistance training with the Tower, and I\’ll be facing the window on the treadmill with my bottle of Fiji alternating fast-paced walking and jogging, but always with it inclined at 3%. It\’s hard as hell and you\’ll want to give up on more than one occasion, but if you keep your mind focused on what you\’re working for then it usually will motivate you more. Also, seeing my husband\’s face light up when he tells me how proud he is of me inspires me to get back on the treadmill and do another mile. I have already built my stamina up from only being able to do half a mile before I gave up to doing just over a mile in my 20 minutes. I\’m always drenched in sweat afterward, but I feel like I just won a marathon and it\’s amazing. Eventually, I want to be able to go out and jog the neighborhood without crawling back home.

    You can sit here at the computer and read online articles about weight loss and talk to others who are in your same boat, but in all actuality you could be spending that time doing what you KNOW you should be doing. You always have the tools available to you, but you need to learn how to utilize them effectively. Walk the neighborhood, the local high school track, or seach Craigslist for a treadmill. Eat smaller meals that are low in calories, and do not stuff yourself. Just eat until you\’re satisfied. Drink NOTHING BUT water. Don\’t give in to temptations like sweets and sodas. It will completely suck to begin with, but as soon as you start seeing the weight fall off you will enjoy it so much more and it will get so much easier. I promise.

  88. I’m going to be 50 in 3 weeks, weight is 355 and I’m 5 ft 0.. Have copd, pad, a fliter for bloodclots because I have so many, and the list goes on and on.. My question is with no medical insurance other than the very basic, where and how do I start? I can’t walk more than 10 ft without being winded, my feet swell so much I can’t get shoes on a big part of the time and sometimes have to cut off my socks because they swell.. I have tried every diet known to man and even made up several of my own and they ranged from mild to wild.. I would love to get the gastoric sleeve, but there is no way I can ever afford it,, so any help will be a blessing.. Have tried out for Biggest Loser 4 times but nothing came of it..
    Thanks for any feed back… Good luck to all in your guest for a better life.. CC’

  89. I’m 30 years old, two years ago I went on a diet, I weighed 350lbs, and went down to 140lbs. I got married and gained 60 lbs. back. I now weigh 205lbs. I’ve started again, and this time, I won’t stop. It just seems that when you get married you get that ‘comfort’ and stop worrying about weight. I don’t want to do that again. I have broke out my Billy Bootcamp videos again, eating less daily, and only healthy meals. If anyone has any advise on sagging skin, please give me some tips. I don’t mean to tone every bit of sag, but maybe SOME?

  90. By the way, I’ve lost 10lbs. in the first few weeks. So I’m definitely not just talking to hear myself.

  91. CC’, I think the main importance is that you’re moving. It doesn’t hurt to stop, rest, and even continuing at your own pace. Also, never over exert yourself. Start out small, tiny goals..and they eventually lead to bigger ones.

  92. Tina, walking your dog is not a good exersice only because you can’t get your heart rate up enough or long enough to actually get any exercise I reccomend either walking or jogging in place or walking without your dog

  93. 16 and 245 lbs. I am watching what i eat, but that only seems to stop me from gaining weight. What are some good exercises that i can do without machinery? I can do most exercises what im looking for is which ones/how many snd how often. Thank you.

  94. stretching exercises
    Jasmin Haya

    stretching exercises

  95. Although walking is always the top exercise for losing weight, what about those of us who have the inability to do so??? Before becoming disabled, I used to walk every day and loved it because it did indeed keep my figure. However, that is no longer possible and unfortuately I\’m not able to get to an affordable center with a pool where water exercise is offered.

    Are there any suggestions for people like me?

  96. I’m 19 and 200 lbs. I’ve always been a big kid and I wasn’t raised eating very healthy. It doesn’t help that I have serious asthma either. I have a very important reason (other than my well-being) to get to a healthy weight. I was wondering if following these techniques is a good way to start?

  97. Tony,

    The best thing to do, is just give up junk foods, dont buy chips, cookies, candy, soda, and just cutting those things out of your diet will help you start to drop some weight from the very beginning. you can also try going for small walks around the block to start, doesnt matter what pace you walk at, Truth is, a person can lose calories just by standing, so just try small walkin around the block at least once a day, and if you feel you can do more, go for it!
    if you feel to uncomfortable to walk outside where others can see you, then you can always try playing some music in the house, and just walk in place in your own living room, i personally use those small home workout videos that just have you walk, and do small movements to help burn more calories, they are awesome!

  98. C Deloatch: I do not know what your disability is. I would love to know more in order to best make suggestions. I know this post is late, I only just found the site today. If it is the impact that prevents you from walking, there are seated exercises and recumbent bikes that help decrease the impact on your joints. Yoga is also helpful for stretching the muscles to increase flexibilty and strength. There are poses you can do that over time will help increase your stamina and Yoga burns calories because when you hold poses you are engaging the muscles. When you build lean muscle you burn more calories. If you can use a recumbent bike or do arm exercises you can also increase your calorie burn. Please tell me more about you so I can help.

  99. Here here, sister! You are absolutely right. I’m 46, and guessing I weigh in at 315 but I won’t know until I get on the scale the Thanksgiving Day after! I have always struggled with my weight, but I’m 5′10 & can carry it all rather well. I used to model plus size clothing when I was 36. Ten years have passed miserably; I’m obviously a stress eater & carboholic. Matter of fact I just looked in the mirror & really “SAW” who I was looking at. OMG!!! My mother was right!!! Heck, she looks amazing compared to me. Anyway, struggling with hormonal issues now; the damn curse! Thyroid, adrenals & perimenapause. Yep, not sure if life will ever be the same for me but to these youngsters–take the bull by the horns!!! You can do it! I’m not finished yet & on Friday it’s my beginning. Lots of lettuce in the fridge and new found determination!

  100. I’m 26 and weigh 368 pounds. I have a three year old son. When I moved in with my fiancé I weighed about 250. That was 6 years ago. I’ve had 2 miscarriages since my son was born. I’m pretty sure my fiancé would be classified as an abusive person. I was sexually abused by my biological father at 3 years old. My mother remarried. We moved when I was 5 and there 4 older boys sexually abused me for a long time. My mother’s husband adopted me. He was physically and verbally abusive. I’m confessing. I’m rambling. I use to hit myself when I was little, which soon turned into cutting. This was before cutting was a joke. I had to go to therapy. She said I’d have a high risk of becoming an addict. I know I have a food addiction. I think about food constantly, when I’m going to eat, what I’m going to eat, how I’m going to eat it, what I’ll be doing when I eat it, how long will it will take before I can eat again. I feel euphoric when I do eat. I feel like I need it. I can’t stand feeling empty. The pain of being hungry reminds me of other pain. I know some people don’t believe in Food Addiction, but I think it’s one of the most overlooked addictions in our society. I’m not lazy. I’m tired. I’m not stupid. I have low self-esteem. I don’t think I’m worth it. And I’m afraid of not being strong. I’m afraid if I’m small than bad things will happen to me. I don’t like myself therefore I don’t take care of myself. I’m filled with self-loathing and disgust. I’m punishing myself. I “know” I’m a good person. I’m not cruel or nasty. I try to not go out because I know people are disgusted by me. I know people hate me just because I’m fat. I don’t want to upset people. I don’t want people to be mean to me. I’m tired of being made fun of. I’m tired of everyone thinking it is okay to make fun overweight people. I want to be beautiful. But it’s so overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like being this large, that there is no point to losing weight. I’ll still have a ton of sagging skin. Everyone says it’s not about your looks; it’s about your health. I want to think I’m pretty. I’ve been overweight since I was a baby. Literally. I don’t know what “feeling good about you” even feels like. I wouldn’t recognize high self-esteem if you slapped me in the face with it. Today is the first day that I’m really going to try. I have a food journal. I bought exercise tapes. I’m looking for a pool gym. I’m trying to stay positive, but I have no one. I don’t think anyone knows how hard it is to be this big unless they’ve actually been this heavy. 200 is way different than 350. Or 350 compared to 450. And to Aundrea, who says we need to stop reading, get off the internet, go and DO what we KNOW we should be doing…there is a lot more to losing weight to exercising and eating right. It’s in my head. Food is in my head. I don’t think I can do this. I’m pretty sure I will fail. People can say “That’s not the right mind set!” There is no right mind set. All I have is my own mind. It thinks what it thinks. I try to argue, but I pretty much fail every time. But I don’t want to die.

  101. 15 years ago when I was 35 I weighed 120 lbs; I am now 50 and weigh 200 lbs. Part of the weight gain was due to early hysterectory when I turned 38 years old, and then removal of thyroid when I was 42 years old. The weight gain just spiraled after that. Can anyone give me any advise as how I am to start my road to where I was 15 years ago at 120 lbs.

  102. Re:To Jessica:

    I really do understand where you are coming from and how you feel. I,myself am 400lbs, I too do not want to die,but I’m afraid I will die soon and wonder if I’m not loving my fatself to death! and comitting a slow and painful suicide,due to all my weight related issues(my diabetes and blood pressure are out of control.)
    If you’d like you can go to the Big Fat Deal web site (a Fat Acceptece web site)and read a post I wrote a couple of days ago (as well as posts from others) under “The Beautiful people are the Skinny People” I hope it can help you and others who would like to visit the site.

    I may have a binge eating disorder, but sometimes I try to eat healthy,and drink plenty of water and not so many sugary drinks and sodas due to my diabetes, but sometimes I give in,only to feel bad when I take my glucose reading on my glucose monitor and even though I try, I also have problems with trying to exercise due to the pain in my back,legs\knees and feet\ankles,even though I try I sometimes feel like it is a waste of time. I’ve gained over 215 lbs. in over 4 years,and my weight is still climbing at an astronomical weight over an extremely short amount of time.
    I would get weightloss surgery,but I only found out today that my insurace company said they didn’t cover it. So, I have to either find away to fund it myself or try to find away to lose it as quickly as possible on my own, but try to do it safely and healthy.I’m not worried about the loose skin,even though I’m not in my 40’s yet,skin will bounce back over a period of time after surgery usually bafter 2 years with out having unsightly scarring surgery to remove all the loose and hanging skin, no matter how much weight you lose; but you have to do exercises and do wieght training for this to occur, even stretch marks will fade. I know a lot of people who could not afford the plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, and had no other option, it also helps with losing the weight,and you will eventually tone up if you keep with it. I heard some people can lose 50% to 75% of their weight before the surgery in 2 years time after the surgery, thats also the time to start toning the loose\excess skin or have the plastic surgery to remove it if you can afford it.(even though some FAs(Fat Accepters) don’t approve of this method you have to do what is best for you and your health, its your choice and your life,you deserve to live it to your fulless).
    I have a treadmill with a capacity of a 350 lb. weight limit , that I got 2 1\2 years ago,when I weighed 345lbs.,I used it maybe a couple of times, and then folded it up …it’s been a clothes and coat rack ever since!.now I have to lose 50 lbs. in order to use it again,or I’ll burn the motor up, according to the directions that came with it.

  103. How did you do it. My mother which is 61 and over 400 pounds of course has knee pain and can’t walk without a walker needs a miracle. I want to help her but don’t know how to start. She is miserable and in pain and if she doesn’t lose I am afraid she will die. Where to start? DJ

  104. I am 32 and I weigh 300 lbs I am very afraid about dying. I also have ocd panic attacks and high blood pressure. My father died of a heart attack at 47 and I want to be around for my kids and husband I am looking for a buddy please email thanks I would appreciate the support

  105. Female. 33. 330lbs, can\’t get away from my computer. I sit here most of the day. I don\’t work, can\’t stand for more than 1 hour.

    144/100 BP

    ♥ to go out to eat because I am lazy about cooking.
    Don\’t have money to get the healthy food so the Dollar Menu is great. I don\’t do Buffets any more but they helped me get this way.

    I know it is bad for me but i have no motivation.

    Try Richard Simmons \”Sweating to the Oldies\” got boring after 2 weeks.

    I wont count calories i have no pacent for it.

    i do like to swim thought but have no clue what to do in the pool for exercise beside moving my arms and legs around.

    I can\’t walk my knees hurt and my lower back hurts.

    I need some simple exercises to strengthen up my legs and back

    Any advise or links?

    BTW I am in the Bensalem area of PA if anyone is looking for a exercise Buddy I could use one.


  106. ok guys i wanna share something with everyone. i used to believe any diets would work, and when i weighed 140 any diet did work the problem is i weigh 228 pounds now. i went on depo< which i do NOT NOT NOT recommend to anyone for birthcontrol thats what brought me to 200 after three shots, and thats with me working out and barley eating. than i graduated high school and went to college and went to 190 the problem was i moved in with my man and weighed 235. I do have a lot of musle but i also have quite a bit of fat. i started exercising way more here is what ive used in the last 2 weeks. IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID PHONE GO ON TO IT AND DOWNLOAD NOOM((THE NEW ONE)) ITS TOTALLY FREE!! IT IS THE BEST TOOL I USE. what noom does is: sets up a goal for you based on height and current weight shows you when you will most likely loose the weight. it shows progress. it also has a section for exercising. all sorts of exercising. ex: walking. it will play threw your playlist on the phone, track how many steps you take at what speed your walking and it will show you the map of where your at walking and it will flag every mile you hit as it tells you in detail how far youve walked IE: 1.07 miles. than it will log it and you can decide whether or not to sinc to facebook or twitter. it also has a tab to track what youve eaten. it will show you if its good, ok , or bad so you can slowly watch what you need to remove from your diet. :) its fun i promise you will love it. it tells you how many cal. to eat per day as well. NEXT I BOUGHT JILLIAN MICHAELS YOGO MELTDOWN. 30 min. a day of her cardio mixed with yoga. it is not complicated though it does use every muslce you have!!! This cost $10 @ walmart. yoga mat cost $10 as well you will want this to make things easier its a danakin mat. I THAN BOUGHT A PILATES BALL 25 CM. THIS COST 6.00 TOPS AND WORKS WONDERS. go into to google type in what you can do with a golds gym pilates ball 25 cm and there is tons of fun easy exercises. :) LAST BUT NOT LEAST I BOUGHT A 9FT JUMPROPE 3.00 @ WALMART TO SPEED UP CARDIO ON DAYS I CANT WALK!! ITS FUN IF YOU HAVE KIDS BUY THEM A CHEAP JUMPROPE GO OUTSIDE AND JUMPROPE WITH THEM CHANCES ARE THEY ARE LEARNING THOSE JUMPROPE TRICKS IN GYM FROM SCHOOL THEY WILL HAVE FUN AND YOU WILL TOO!!! ME AND LITTLE BROTHER DO THIS ALL THE TIME!! To recap on everything i also walk 5 miles a day. than do all this other stuff towards sun down. Ive lost weight and feel so much better. I also cut out carbs, soda, and anything really bad. yeah it will take a bit to loose weight but i have been at it for 2 weeks and have dropped almost ten pounds!! dont get discouraged if your weight lose goal takes to long. I was really sad when i typed in i wanted to weigh 150 from 230 and it told me it wasnt likely i would reach my goal until january 30th 2012 so i change my goal to go to 180 and it says by end of semptember i should reach it :) than ill go to 150. !!!! keep on track :) it will all be worth it in the end i promise.

  107. I weigh 250 and am 5 feet tall. I am finding that shoes don’t even last a month. Has anybody bought shoes from New Balance called Aravon and do they last? I\’m not expecting them to last several years. I just want them to last more than 6 months. I am finding the bottoms just squish flat in other shoes and I cut off the excess until I no longer have a shoe. I am a single woman who can pay my bills but can\’t afford 100 shoes all the time.

    I am not looking for exercise shoes but walking shoes. I do walk alot at work on a large campus.

    Here are the shoes I am looking at

  108. I am building a fitness plan for overweight and obese people and am very interested in this thread because I have a passion for helping people achieve a healthy weight. Does anyone feel that they are unable to walk 15 or 20 minutes, 3 times per week, as a start to a plan?

  109. I need to lose weight. my health can be indanger since my families history. But i can do much I am a stay at home and a full time student but i have a bad back and a bad knee and I dont know what to do.

  110. I’m 17..i’m 5′5 and at about 183 lbs. I have a low thyroid and im really stressed with school and things in my life :( About five years ago i weighed 189(though i was a tiny baby) Then i lost about 60lbs by eating only dinner and my doctor gave me diet medicine. I slowly started gaining itt back, of course. I started to drink sodas again. And eat more i guess..didnt notice. I really hate tht most ppl can eat a lot more than me and weigh less.:( it doesnt seem fair. Being obese..makes me feel like crap just knowing im “obese”. I’ve always had low self esteem. I hate sports. And i love foood. I hate exercising. Its boring nd too typical. I guess im trying to start this “heavy metal” workout method of mine. In which i listen to my music nd headbang nd jump up nd down for about 30min…trying to do this three times a week. But sometimes im sp stressed nd tired i have no motivation :/ i hate eating nAsty veggie food nd i always still seem hungry. Im tired of being so “obese”. I love boys..and i try to get me some ;) lmao not like that..haha but most guys dont like big girls like me. Even though i have the cute face.anyhow, getting of subject..haha i just rlly wanna loose easier way.

  111. Bodysite John:
    I haven’t exercised regularly in over 30 years, I’m 51 years old, 5′8″ and weigh 255 pounds. Yesterday I started walking on my treadmill and found that 5 minutes was hard for me. I have osteoarthritis in both knees which is painful but I also found that I’m so exhausted too. I’m hoping to build up to 30 minutes but I know this will take time. My goal is to increase the walking time by 5 minutes each week but there is no way I could walk 15-20 minutes at the start. Hope this helps you.

  112. as silly as some people think this is it is working for me at 335lbs “Richard Simmons 80’s blast off” its a lot of fun

  113. I lost 60 pounds and though I’ve not weighed myself I’ll bet I gained it all back plus more, so I’m probably over 260 again, since my Dad died in February. But I have to laugh at people who say go out and get a personal trainer…I’ve looked at how much it costs and who in the world has the money for a personal trainer??? If I could afford one I’d have one in an instant, but geez, they are expensive, even those you set a sliding scale on. There is no way, plus if you get these “aids” to help with losing weight, those cost money, and I can’t afford those, nor the classes to take for martial arts, etc etc. Walking, I’ve done that, and I get on a level that you no longer lose weight, that was so frustrating, so I stopped walking, what do you do? Now that I’ve regained the weight, I’m so tired, and my blood sugars have gone whacky, and I just don’t have the will to try anymore. I would love to get back in the groove, but… I don’t know…some days I’d just want to lay down and sleep, but other days I want to get up and lose the weight, but am not sure how to do it without ending up back where I was, leveling off and not going any further. Like I said, I can’t afford the “extra’s” there is no way, there has to be something out there that will do the same thing, but what? Please no suggestions for classes, of this and that, or trainers, tapes, or aids, that wont work for us poor people…or us with medical conditions.

  114. Sorry, but cesarean “pouches” can’t be lost with diet and/or exercise. It is primarily stretched out skin. The only way the pouch will disappear is via tummy tuck. I’m saving for one of those myself.

  115. i liked the ideas and the positive comments my son needs to lose weight and this was good advise

  116. he said streanght training weights start small 3-5 it will tone you then work up try to do it 2x’s a week

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