Skipping: A Fitness Workout for All Ages

Skipping is a perfect way of keeping fit and healthy for all ages. Skipping is inexpensive and doesn’t take a lot of time or space.

No matter what age we are, we should endeavour to keep fit. There are so many ways of keeping fit and healthy these days, but skipping or jump rope is one of the best. I foolishly stopped regular exercise a couple of years ago, making one excuse after another. But I’m back now, enjoying the process of getting fit again.

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Skipping is a fitness activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, from 5 to 95, maybe even longer. I’m over 60 and a few days ago I purchased a new skipping rope, having misplaced the previous one when we shifted house a few years ago. I’m so excited about my progress that I want to share the benefits of skipping with you.

Skipping can definitely be classed as a high energy cardiovascular workout for those that want that challenge. I prefer to skip at my own pace, with short rests when needed to catch my breath. I’ve read in a few places that skipping is a lower impact activity than running, so that has to be good on the joints of those of us who are getting older. It improves your fitness level, as well as your overall flexibility and co-ordination. For the weight conscious, apparently 20 minutes of skipping burns 250 calories and ten minutes around 80 to 110 calories. Don’t try 20 minutes on your first attempt though

Skipping is a cheap and easy way to get fit and lose a bit of weight. After the initial purchase of a suitable rope and making sure your shoes can take the pounding, little else is needed. Skipping can be done almost anywhere there is enough space. I choose to skip on a path at the back of our house, where I’m sheltered from neighbour’s eyes. In the past I’ve skipped in the garage on wet days and some people may be lucky enough to have high enough ceilings to skip indoors.

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When starting out, it’s important to take things easy. My first session was a real shock, but I managed to skip four lots of 25 skips in 3 minutes. I decided to call it quits at that stage, partially because I was quite out of breath, but also I didn’t want my muscles to be so sore the next day that I’d never pick up the rope again.

A suggested starting programme is to skip 30 skips turning the rope forward, then take a 30 second rest. Next try 30 skips turning the rope backwards, followed by another 30 seconds rest. Do this for as many times as you’re able. Believe me; it becomes easier each time you pick up the rope.

Once you become more confident and your fitness level increases, you may want to be more adventurous and try new variations. I was surprised at how many skipping or jump rope workouts I was able to find on Google. For now though, I will concentrate on building up the time I’m able to skip with rests, until I get closer to the goal of 20 minutes.

If you’re serious about getting and keeping fit, skipping may be just the answer for you. It takes little money, little time and it certainly works up a sweat. You have no excuse. If an oldie like me can do it, then so can you.

Me – all ready to go!

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  1. Thank you for this encouraging article on how to get fit at any age.
    I appreciate the information and suggestion. Also it is nice to see your picture, you look wonderful my dear. (-:

  2. You do look good. Good for you! I will try jump roping, but I dont know how my hip will react. I believe it will be ok!

  3. I must agree with you but I find it a little tedious compared to jogging and walking.

  4. Very true! I’ll try doing this!

  5. Thanks for the share. It just brought back my memories in the school days.

  6. I’ll have to remember to try this…my doctor wants me to get more exercise and this sounds like a fun way to go about it.

  7. Good informative and encouraging article. Sadly, I cannot do it at home as people live beneath me. It would disturb them. Anyway, that is my excuse :) I do regularly only what I can do at home. So, I guess I’ll stick with weightlifting and cycling :)

  8. That’s a great idea Ms. Val. I have to buy shoes that will absorb the impact of all those jumping around. :-) I tried this before on bare feet. My knees didn’t take it well LOL!

  9. True… it’s fun as well…:-]

  10. You look great, Val. Skipping obviously suits you, but I think I will stick to walking to preserve my joints.


  11. Great Post…thanks for sharing

  12. good share

  13. you look so adorable, the way you pose, stepping on the skipping rope. This is a very good exercise, need stamina to continue… well done Val.

  14. I like your style Val, but I will miss out on the skipping cheers

  15. Good article, Val, and you look great.

  16. Our gym teacher talked to us about this! I agree, it could be very beneficiary.

  17. Skipping is a nice exercise. I usually do this years ago.

  18. I always thought that what you refer to as skipping I called jump roping. I am sure it is an excellent routine as born out by your fit looking photo.

  19. Excellent post. I will stick to my current workout for now though. I was never really good at jumping rope.

  20. Skipping is a great overall exercise, and can be done anywhere, anytime. Great post!

  21. So true! This is a great exercise and I’ve been doing it few years back when I’m not that busy. :)

  22. It amazes me how something that was so much fun as a kid becomes such a chore as an adult. Go figure. Great article Val and yes skipping is one of the few exercises that can be done with very little cost.

  23. Loved this article – as a retired nurse I should be writing more fitness articles instead of just my walking articles!
    Love the pic of you starting to skip.
    Skippin’ brilliant!!

    Lovely to have you descide to be my fan. We should endeavour to ‘like’ and comment on an article a week each. How about it?
    P.S. I’ve added you as a friend too.
    With the same sort of background we should make excellent friends, yeah?

  24. More activities, more things to write about. :-) I have my own jump rope and it’s an activity I enjoy doing. Unfortunately, I’m not as committed as you are. Come to think of it, I shouldn’t be sitting in front of the computer now. I should be out, exercising. :-) Will surely do it. Thank you for the inspiration.

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