Sperm Health Secrets of World’s Oldest Father


Jakarta, Having a child is the dream of all couples. Some people have luck making it very difficult to get a descent, while others apparently are endowed with high fertility.

Believed, environmental factors, genetics, diet and lifestyle are different factors that can affect fertility. Among many factors, the dietary and lifestyle who can still be changed and controlled.

A man in India named Ramjit Raghav’s oldest father has been named as recently as a father at the age of 94 years. In fact, he claims to still be having sex with a 59-year-old wife three times in one night.

Raghav told that he had been a wrestler and eat lots of foods rich in fat until recently. Every day, Raghav 3.5 liter drink milk and eat nearly a pound of almonds and butter called ghee nodes.

In Ayurvedic medicine in India for centuries, ghee has been used to improve the quality and quantity of semen. Unfortunately, there is no real scientific evidence to support this notion. As reported, Sunday (2/12/2012), Ramjit Raghav reveals secrets of fertility.

A. Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise clearly the most important and very easy to increase fertility. Men’s health expert, Larry Lipshultz, MD, said that there seems to be a method in place Raghav. Judging by a slender posture, Raghav seems to have little body fat.

“Fat tissue is interfering with the production of testosterone and sperm production slows. If Raghav eat more fat than most people, it’s actually similar to the low-carb diet,” said Lipshultz. J.

According to research from the University of Connecticut and Duke University, not a strange thing if calories from fat in the low-carb diet was increased to 70%. This percentage will lead to weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Avoid hot showers

Spend too much time in hot water will damage the sperm. Sperm are produced in the testis because it allows the temperature is colder than the temperature of the body.

Intense heat can impair sperm production and hot tubs can be particularly problematic because it directly touches the testis. Soaking in hot water one to five hours per week has been shown to reduce sperm count. Fortunately, the decline is not permanent.

3. Avoid eating soy

Some people claim that soy is a healthy food. But it turns out soy is the cause of infertility in the male suspect. A 2008 study by Harvard shows a serious relationship between soy intake and decreased sperm count.

Each time the ejaculation, the sperm count per milliliter of people who consume one half serving of soy per day 32% less than those who did not consume soy. Moreover, soy is also known to cause erectile dysfunction.

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