Stabilizing Option for P3 & P4 of Hcg Diet

Subtitle: Apple & Cheese Day
A new method for either stabilizing or further weight release during the later parts of Phase three or any time in Phase 4.

When I was in Phase Three of HCG, I kept releasing weight for the first week.  I got down to -7# from LDW (Last Drop Weight).  I was concerned about it until I called my nutritionist and found that any further losses in P3 or P4 were “bonuses” and I shouldn’t fret over it.  I went back up to my LDW within a month, however, and have stayed within 2# of that.  When I do go over, I have a Steak Day and find that I’m back within range.  My friends and I, all of whom I’ve met through HCG forums, FaceBook, and my blog (, have been testing out a process I discovered quite by accident that is proving to be a great option to the Steak Day.  It was a happy accident to be sure, but still an accident.   

The day I discovered what we’re testing, I was busy, busy, busy getting ready for Christmas.  Food just wasn’t on the top of my list and I junked out.  I figured that the end of the day better finish on a more positive healthy note, but I still pulled out the steak out of the freezer to have the next day.  My final meal that day was two apples and two ounces of cheese. The following day, I found my scale showed a small loss rather than a gain.  So I looked at what I had done the previous day and decided it had to be the final meal.  If I could junk out the way I did and then still release weight, I’d better start experimenting.  I ate normally the second day.  I was going to be busy the third day and, since cheese travels much better than meat, & apples travel much better than other fruits, I figured it was a good day to test the theory.  The next morning, I got on the scale and was delighted to see a 3.2# release.  I had to try that again. 

And again, I saw 3.2# weight release. Have such great success with this, I wanted to offer an option outside of the commonly practiced Steak Day.  The results from the Apple & Cheese day are consistently higher than the Steak Day.  Eating throughout the day, rather than skipping both breakfast and lunch, is much more satisfying, over all. 

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  1. Love this article, it helps a ton! I do so great with Steak Days but the cheese is what is affordable and I think it is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. can you do two apple/cheese days in a row/ or how long should you wait? I did it yesterday and lost 1.4 but am eating today- when can i do it again if I wnat to lose another lb or so?? Thanks~

  3. Ridiculous. You cannot somehow “correct” a day of careless eating (”junking out”) by eating apples and cheese as your last meal. You got lucky and that’s all. This doesn’t work and is not predictable or replicable. How utterly misleading! The best advice is to stick to the protocol instead of diluting it.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you found something that works for you! And it’s nice to have options! It could very well work for others, too. Thank you for planting the seed. :)

  5. ::smiles:: As are others. I wish you well on your journey!

  6. So are you saying eating a regular meal during the apple and cheese day, and before bed or later in the day have the apple and cheese? I think by accident I did that and you are right I saw a 3 pound drop. but I am not sure what I ate the whole day. What was your process for this apple and cheese day? Steak can be expensive, although I catch it on sale most of the time and keep it on hand because my husband is a coniferous.

  7. I have been trying to get a grasp on this apple and cheese day option by reading this article and several others over and over again…but no where am I finding exactly what this means. Does this mean replacing the normal breakfast, am snack. lunch, pm snack and dinner with an apple and oz. of cheese?

    Or some other format?

    I’m afraid I may have to do one of these days on P3 here soon and I want to be prepared.

    Thank you in advance!

  8. I need to do this TODAY! 3 pound gain. Does it matter what kind of cheeses you use (brie, cream cheese}, or does it have to be hardercheeses like cheddar & swiss? Any advice appreciated!

  9. One the second page of the article it says to eat 3 meals, all consisting of 2 apples and 2oz of cheese. It’s easy to miss. I had to read the article a couple times before I realized it was right there in front of me. I was wondering about what kind of cheese also though? I’m assuming the normal cheeses you’re allowed to have in P3? I have a block of pepper jack cheese in my fridge. I am going to try that today. Hopefully pepper jack is alright to use. It is one of my favorites! I know that steak days work great for most others, but for some reason steak days DO NOT being the drop in weight for me like they do others and you are right, steak can be expensive! I’m going to give this a shot and see what kind of results I get in the morning! Crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I gave this a shot yesterday (and even had a bit more cheese in the evening as i was cutting my 2oz portions……probably 1oz more) and I was down 2.2lbs this morning when I weighed. yesterday morning I was 145.6 and this am I am 135.4. I would say this works if you haven’t tried it yet and are wondering! it’s a good substitute to the steak day which both times I did, never seemed to have the effect for me that it did for everyone else.

  11. Does anyone have an answer as to the question regarding what type(s) of cheese we can have? I have yet to introduce cheese in P3 (I’m on Day 11) so I’m a little nervous.

  12. It ABSOLUTELY does work! I’ve been doing HCG for 2 yrs. Down 100 lbs and loving life! The apples DO WORK! Know it before you rip someone’s throat out with your ignorance!

  13. people commenting being rude are obviously not on hcg. thus the ignorance. I will definetely give it a shot i am way below liw about 8.8 gives me alot of room to experiment

  14. Okay so i sosos want to try this.. Im starting p3 today does anyone know if i can do this in the phase? today is the first day no drops so far.. I hate that i have to wait 72hrs before increasing my calorie intake??

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