Stages of Starvation

What happens during a normal deficiency (in water).

The initial phase of starvation

At the beginning of fasting energy comes from fat and muscle tissues using enzymes. On the first day of fasting on water (several hours) is spent liver glycogen, and at this time in the mitochondria, fatty acids, fatty tissues are processed into energy needed for the functioning of the body.

To ensure the brain power needed glucose (sugar). For this purpose, use glycerin fatty tissue or muscle tissue amino acids. In the process of energy production also involves the kidneys and liver.

If there were no other source of glucose, our body would have been spent up to 450 g of muscle tissue on a daily basis to ensure that only the brain glucose and blood. However, a few days later (females are usually two, and men in three days), a new source – ketone bodies (a byproduct of the splitting of fats and proteins) produced by the liver. Ketone bodies body converts into glucose, and glucose – into energy.

It is at this stage of the organism begin to be displayed harmful substances and fats, which leads to improved physical and mental condition. At the same time are most at risk are those who started long-term fasting without proper medical supervision (if their bodies are contaminated with residues of potent drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., that in our time is almost inevitable).

During the first days of fasting daily weight loss of about one kilogram. Basically it is a liquid, the lack of which was subsequently filled. After some time, daily weight loss is reduced to about 450 g.

The main stage of starvation

Ketone bodies, formed during the fasting of the fatty acids are processed into energy needed for the heart, brain and other organs. However, the body can not use all of ketone bodies (acetoacetic acid, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyric acid), which are formed during fasting. Ketones turn into carbonic acid (thus decreasing the acidity of the blood) and in the form of carbon dioxide excreted in expired air. At this time, hungry, most likely noticed that his breathing attendance (as appears more carbon dioxide) and, possibly, has acquired a slight odor.

As soon as the end of the initial period of fasting (on the second or fourth day, depending on sex, fat stores, metabolic rate and human health), the body begins to adapt to new conditions of existence – to save energy, carefully processed foods, etc. etc.

K EY source of energy during fasting triglycerides are formed after cleavage of fatty tissue. At the same time, lactic acid (waste product of muscles), blood cells and proteins (amino acids) yield glucose, which nourishes the brain.

The final stage of starvation (depletion)

When the body’s fat reserves are completely exhausted and the only energy source is protein depletion occurs. If you do not complete starvation, will inevitably suffer the vital organs, and then quickly dies.

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