The Best and The Annoying Weight Loss Commercials of 2012

It’s January 2012 and all of the Weight Loss Programs, which include, Weight Watchers, Nutri-Systems, and Jenny Craig, are pushing their solutions in commercials; knowing that over eaters have just come off of the holiday season and are looking to get in shape for spring. Some weight loss commercials are inspiring, while others are just annoying.

All of the Weight Loss Programs know that we all have just come off of the holiday season, where we ate everything in site.  If someone put a turkey or pecan pie on the table, even if we didn’t eat meat or pecans, we took a nibble.  Just to be polite.  Right?

The major Weight Loss Programs have come out in full force; hitting hard with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.  Weight Watchers, Nutri-Systems and Jenny Craig pulled out the big guns this season.  Weight Watchers already had Jennifer Hudson, and she looks amazing, then, the other two countered with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.  

The only problem with these commercials is that some of them are quite annoying.  I love, love, love Jennifer Hudson, but, there is something about all that singing during the Weight Watchers commercials that grates on my nerves.  An hour later, that tune is still in my head, but, not the message behind the commercial.  Nothing about those commercials make me want to try Weight Watchers.  If anything, I find my hand groping for the remote control to mute it or change the channel.  

Then, the next weight loss system commercial that almost hits a nerve, is Nutri-Systems.  It’s great to see Janet Jackson looking so lovely and healthy.  I have to say, she is a doll, but, she seems to be whispering during the whole commercial.  I know she is and always has been soft-spoken, but, the commercial doesn’t hold my attention.  I, do, find myself admiring how beautiful her skin is.  

Therefore, my favorite of the trio, has to be Mariah Carey in the Jenny Craig commercials.  The song isn’t annoying, the tune is mild and the message is subtle.  Jenny Craig doesn’t hit a person over the head with their program.  They don’t show Mariah the way she was, then, say you can lose this kind of weight too.  We all know that she just had twins and that weight would come off in time, but, the program just sped up the process.  

Knowing this, is probably why the latest Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers’ commercial is so annoying.  You know the one, where she is dressed in the hideous Pepto Bismol pink dress; looking like Miss Piggy, singing next to the ‘new’ Jennifer.  This clip had to be made just after she had her baby, because if we look at earlier pictures, her face was never that full and round.  Then, the commercial seems to be mocking the way she was, but, honestly, Jennifer Hudson has always been a beautiful young woman.  The fact that she has lost the weight is great, but, a more honest picture could have been drawn here.

So, with that said, do any of these commercials make us want to run out and get involved with these programs?  For me, not really.  I would much rather see average people and their result stories, instead of a person who, likely, has a personal trainer, assistant and crew to ensure that he/she follows the program.  The bottom line is, if someone wants to lose weight, they should find out what works with their lifestyle and financial ability.  I believe that Jenny Craig and Nutri-Systems are the most costly; while, weight watchers is less pocket invasive.

Weight control is a lifestyle, therefore, the problem with quick weight loss is the tendency to revert to the older eating style after losing the weight.  What happens when this is done, the person gains that weight back, and a little more.  Entering any one of these programs, participants must keep this in mind, that once the desired weight is reached, there is a lifetime of maintenance at hand.

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  1. Right! If I could afford a personal trainer and personal chef, no doubt I would be in fantastic shape. As it stands, I just try to eat healthy and get some exercise in throughout the week.

  2. These weight loss commercials I am more than sure can cause self esteem issues. They have people who either are models or could be, advertising a look that the majority of people can’t really attain.

  3. great New Year resolution

  4. yeah… those quick weight loss programs I’ve heard can wreck havoc on the body. Especially those that last only a week to lose enough to get in a dress for the weekend lol smh

  5. Weight control is a lifestyle, therefore, the problem with quick weight loss is the tendency to revert to the older eating style after losing the weight.

  6. Losing weight is a matter of disciplining oneself.

  7. All weight loss commercials annoy me. Mostly because most of them have people that never truly had any real weight problems of any great value.

  8. You made some excellent points. I like all three women, but it is hard to believe that they used this diet in order to lose weight. They most likely have trainers so it is easy for them to lose weight.

  9. Actually lost weight is easy but the difficult it to dedicate yourself to weight lost program. For me, simple just have a good eating habit and do small exercise, done!

    But now i reach the point that I can’t control myself to lost weight…

  10. I decided that my money is best spent on a monthly gym fee. We found a great gym which costs only $15 a month, very affordable. When I get my muscle tone back that I lost by being sedentary, I will naturally burn more calories.

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