The Fattest Lady of Britain

The lady Brenda is the fattest lady in Britain.


Brenda flanagan,a 43 year old female is the fatest lady in the Britain.Her body is so fat that she could not get out of her house from the  4 years.She loves to eat and the food is not her hobby,now it became her addiction.She is taking more than 6000 calories daily and that is the reason for her continuous weight gain.But even after such measures and treatments,she is unable to leave his food addiction.

She is having lots of problem by her weight that she is unable to do her daily acivities in her home as well.She can’t walk 20ft to shower without getting out of the breath. And she was forced to marry her husband in her house coz she was too ft to leave….I hope she will get some ease from this….

Huge meals: Brenda's daily menu includes a large pizza, chips, six bottles of fizzy drink and up to nine bars of chocolate

The Fattest Lady Brenda Flanagan

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  1. Poor girl, she needs help.

  2. This is so sad :(

  3. I hope she will get slim soon

  4. She is being Killed by her helpers who are overfeeding her.
    They should only give her a normal healthy amount of food each day. She would soon loose all the weight then.

  5. This is by nature and thank you brother for making us known to this. I wanna ask do she go out for jogging at all?

  6. her husband shouldn’t be feeding her all the wrong things. She needs help not that!

  7. I feel for her.

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