The Secret Recipe to Lose 13 Kilos in Four Weeks

This is my personal experience in weight loss. Want to lose some weight? Try my secret recipe.

Back during my high school, putting weight was not in my dictionary. I never have this alien-kind of problem. In fact my real-human problem is how to gain weight. At that time my height was 160cm and my weight was 48kg only. I still remember how my friends talking behind my back (and in front of me) how they really envy me. During that time my favorite food will be everything; and on top of it of course chocolate bar and all those fatty-creamy-yummy delicious junk food.

Eating chocolate bar everyday to me is compulsory; in class during lecturer, in front of television or even during doing my homework and revision. My life miserable with out chocolate; that, during my high school. Thank God, after finishing my high school, suddenly my gigantic eating behavior gone like a finger snaps. So, I’m back like an ordinary normal teenage girl again :)

In August 2003, I’m having tonsillitis problem and I end up in a small surgery of removing my tonsil. It took 2 weeks for me to be fully recovered from that surgery. After that, my alien-kind problem appears; my gigantic eating behavior came back. And this time, he brings his friend with him. Within 7 weeks, I gained 15kg!

And I didn’t realize it until my boyfriend open his mouth and say “Honey, you need to exercise“. And so I did; but I only can stand jogging for 3 days… hahaha!

Then, there’s one of my colleague suggesting to me “Why not you try my secret recipe to loss weight?” he said. He is 63 years old already and he is more like a grandfather to me. So, I took his advice and WOW! Within 4 weeks after I tried his secret recipe, I loss weight; 13kg!

And this is his secret recipe for weight loss:



Mix stir all the ingredients together and drink it twice a day; once in the morning and once after dinner. Try it for two months and you will be amazed with the result.

Happy trying and happy losing weight!

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  1. so in all you will be taking 4 table spoon ACV and $ table spoon HOney in a day. as per the receipe above.

    Will 4 table spoon honey not add to the calorie intake.

    Please advise


  2. ummm hey i have a question? how can just 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar
    2 table spoon of honey
    1 glass of plain warm water
    help you to lose weight and even 13kgs!! it souds really hard believ also ike the commnt bfore me wont it add to calories??
    im a bit cofused on this one.
    i have tried so many weight loss programs and ideas and none has worked. im willing to try this one but i hope its not jst a faux thing.

  3. I havent actually tried this diet, but Beyonce went on it to lose weight for ‘Dreamgirls’ and lost like 14lbs in two weeks, but everyone is different. It’s called the ‘Master Cleanser Diet’, and isnt a faux thing, it really works. I dont know how the ingredients work together, but hey, it DOES and you WILL lose weight (even if it’s only water), even if it is agony to stick to, becoz you dont eat ANYTHING during this time. Good to try if you’re desperate to lose a lot of weight really quickly. If not, try the Cabbage Soup Diet, because at least you get to EAT, even if it tastes gross. hope this helps those of you who are confused about this diet.

  4. I think she meant drink this along with eating normal of course healthy food. Hope she replies to confirm….

  5. hey, is that really works like u drink get to just as what its mentioned from the recipe above?
    * 2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar
    * 2 table spoon of honey
    * 1 glass of plain warm water
    once in the morning and once after dinner. Try it for two months, okay – I get confused to just get to drink it twice a day. kool anyway i will try, hope that works.

  6. hi now i dint get it r u supposed to drink this along with normal meals or r u supposed to just drink this thats not possible right!

  7. hi simii , did u find acv in india anywhere to let me know incase u did

  8. hi to all ,this drink of with honey is good for people with colesterhol but as far as i know apple V. should not be consumed alot for people with heart condition..

  9. i read what someone said here about vinger but i belief its all food fallcy.

  10. Guys, GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK PLEASE! You are currently all posting on this site, have you heard of google? Google…Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey and you will find the lists of interesting information about how the conjunction of these two can help with Anything from Hair loss, exzema and Obesity. BUT…BIG BUT!!!!!!!! Start EATING PROPERLY. Normal sugar contains empty calories, Honey contains vitamins needed by the body, why do you think Honey was call the food of the GODS? It was nectar to the body to soothe most “dis – eases”. Vinegar eliminates toxins from the system,it helps the kidneys and liver to start performing better thus helping with weightloss. If you look back at what our forefathers ate 2000 years ago, they could only eat from the earth…NOT THE FRIDGE…thus they couldn’t buy food in bulk, there was NO CHIPS, NO SOFTDRINKs! they drank Water and honey :) yes…you read right…or just plain water. No MSG packed crap. They ate their veggies, they ate meat (in moderation) they ate fruit…They lived longer 2000 years ago, a lot where believed to have lived for 150 years…some even 200. Our life span has been cut by all the processed and convenient food and all the emotional crap that we have to put up with in this modern time. We don’t understand why we are getting so fat…wake up…USE THE STAIRS instead of the lift.

    I can’t believe you guys are sitting on this forum and i didn’t read that ANY one of you had gone and googled or maybe done the necessary research to find out more about the health benefits of the topic. Don’t NOT EAT! Eat HEALTHY and in conjunction of the recipe. You’ll end up doing a lot of damage to your metabolism.
    THERE IS NO INSTANT FAT LOSS CURE! The one’s that there is, has cost people their health…ASK ME! I KNOW!

  11. Oh Yeah…One more thing…KEEP THE HONEY AND THE VINEGAR ORGANIC! IT has to contain the special incredient called the “mother” in it… KEEP IT ORGANIC! And as natural as possible… Processed = NO GOOD! and could possibly harm the digestive tract. Thanks for reading.

  12. did u continue your habit of eating more when you were doing this

  13. i still didn’t get if we should drink this thing only , or we can eat our normal meals :S

  14. hey shouldt we eat anything or should we eat and doe that pls help soon

  15. I think we should eat our normal meals plus drink this mixture because she wrote * one after dinner * ……….

  16. hi everyone…
    sorry for not posting any comment on this article as i’ve not visiting triond for quite some time. Well, being honest with you guys, while practising this method i still continue eat normally as before. The beauty of this method is it is a natural cleansing, cleaning the fat out of your body.

    I wrote this articles back 2 years ago, after giving birth to my first baby girl. Now i’ve delivering my second baby last April, and yet my weight is 49kg only.

  17. i think you are supposed to drink it with your normal meals, because she said “drink it after dinner” so im assuming you actually have dinner

  18. hii! could i use normal vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar? plz reply soon

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