Tips on How to Boost Metabolism

Some useful tips to help you boost your metabolism and start burning more calories.

1. Eat healthily and regularly – A lot of people when trying to lose weight make the mistake of going on a diet and practically starve themselves, this may cause them to lose weight initially but eating less will actually cause your metabolism to slow down creating the opposite effect of what you’re aiming for. Also make sure to eat regularly, instead of eating the large 3 meals a day try eating 6 slightly smaller meals, eating smaller portions regularly requires energy to digest the food therefore your metabolism will increase throughout the day. However remember not to overeat and eat healthily including a balanced diet.

2. Exercise – The key to increasing your metabolism with exercise is to use a combination of cardio and weight training. Cardio workouts should be done at high intensity intervals as this will increase the heart rate and is a fast calorie burner. Weight training is also important as muscle naturally burns more calories at rest than fat does, having lean muscle means that you will burn more calories while resting. A combination of both of these forms of exercise will ensure a positive boost in your metabolism.

3. Drink regularly – Water is extremely important as most of your bodily functions require it, without sufficient water your metabolism will function a lot slower. Drink regularly and you will also notice that you will be hungry less! This is because when we feel hungry a lot of the time we are actually thirsty but we interpret the signals the same, therefore drinking water can help in several ways!

To burn even more calories, make sure the water is very cold – When it is cold the body needs to use more calories to increase the temperature.

4. Always eat breakfast - After sleeping at night your body needs an energy source as fuel to prepare it for the day, as you haven’t eaten for 8-12 hours your metabolism needs a kick start. If you do not eat your body thinks it is being starved so its natural reaction is to slow down the metabolism to use less energy.

5. Dont be conned into trying pills, powders or other methods advertised that claim to boost your metabolism,. These types of scams rarely if ever work and may cause your body disruption. It is much healthier, easier and safer to boost your metabolism naturally using these tips.

6.Don’t drink alcohol – Alcohol is a depressant, when it is consumed it depresses the central nervous system, this in turn slows down your metabolism. Another reason why you shouldn’t consume alcohol if you want to boost your metabolism is because it dehydrates you, and as mentioned before if you are dehydrated and don’t consume enough water your metabolism doesn’t perform as well.

7. Get sufficient sleep – Getting a good nights sleep is another important tip in getting a high metabolism. When you sleep is when your body healing and regenerating itself, this is when your body heals your muscles which is what burns a lot of calories. There is proof that getting sufficient sleep can help you lose weight.

8. What foods you eat can have an effect on your metabolism and how efficient it is. Spicy food can increase your metabolism as they have a thermogenic effect which increases fat burning. Protein is also very important in your diet as it is what you need to grow and build muscle, your body also uses more calories to process protein than fat and carbohydrates.

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  1. Some excellent advice here. Well considered tips and insight.

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