Top Five Best Foods for Weight Loss

The best foods for weight loss are readily available at our nearest farmer’s market or supermarket.

Some of the best foods for weight loss can be easily grown in a backyard garden. Some foods that help with weight loss contain vitamins, like B12, that help the body to burn fat.

The best foods for weight loss don’t all work in the same way.


Carrots and other vegetables are high in fiber. Eating carrots, spinach, broccoli and other vegetables helps to keep the metabolism high.

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Rolled Oats

Quaker rolled oats and some of the best foods for weight loss take out almost as many calories as they put in. To process these foods, the body burns almost as many calories as those supplied by the food.

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Green Tea

Some of the top foods for weight loss speed up the metabolism, so that the body actually burns more calories each day. Green tea works like this.

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Fish Oil

Fish oil helps with weight loss by helping the body to burn fat more efficiently. Fish oil is available in capsules. Eating fish such as salmon will supply fish oils which help with weight loss and also help to prevent cancer.


Eggs and other forms of protein help with weight loss by speeding up the metabolic rate.

Eating at the right time also helps with weight loss. Persons who eat breakfast in the mornings kick start their metabolism. During the night, metabolism slows, because the body tries to avoid nutritional deprivation.

When we regularly avoid eating breakfast, the metabolism slows down. Eating breakfast keeps your body metabolism from slowing down to account for a loss in nutrients.

For a relatively easy breakfast, have a vegetable quesadilla.

Vegetable Quesadilla Video

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  7. I´m testing coconut oil, seems to be great. Avoiding sugar and white flour and white rice etc. Natural fats like cold pressed oil and butter and nuts (not heated) have all a low glycemic index so I am eating them + eggs and chicken.. Let´s see how it works.. :)

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