Want to Know How You’d Look Thinner? Find Out!

Have you always wondered what you’d like like 10 or 20 pounds lighter? Having this knowledge might give you more motivation to exercise and eat a healthier diet. Here’s an easy way to find out what you’d like thinner.

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were twenty pounds lighter? That’s assuming, of course, that you need to lose twenty pounds. You could try squinting and posing in front of the mirror to visualize that new, thinner you, or you could go to and get a color picture of what you would look like thinner – even before you join the gym or start calorie counting.

How is this possible? This unique sites uses digital enhancement to subtract anywhere from 5 pounds to 105 pounds from your frame and create a realistic rendition of what you would look like thinner. This individualized process takes into account your bone type and general build to make the photo as realistic as possible.

How is this done? You simply upload a digital photo of your face and body. They prefer a photo of you standing with your head facing the camera and hands on hips. Once they receive the photo, they’ll use special photo altering software to create that new, thinner you. An updated photo of how you look thinner is then sent back to you in two to three business days. The site emphasizes that the enhancement is done by hand using photo editing software and doesn’t use software that alters images in mass.

What would be the advantages of seeing a photo of how you would look thinner? The site creators believe having this type of photo can be a strong motivational factor when it comes to diet and exercising. Seeing the end results gives you a concrete goal to strive for rather than a nebulous, undefined endpoint. For example, if you’re saving to buy a car, it helps to have a photo of your dream car posted on the refrigerator door so you can look at it and remember why you’re saving. Similarly, when you see what you would look like thinner, you’ll be more motivated to choose an apple as a mid-afternoon snack rather than a piece of three-layer chocolate cake or butter toffee ice cream.

Is it really worth the price? One altered image from Thinner View costs $14.99, while you can get three altered images for $9.99 each. Not a huge amount of money if it motivates you to take action. For an additional $2.00 each, they will remove blemishes, wrinkles, whiten teeth, and beautify skin texture to create the ideal embodiment of what you could be. Talk about getting the celebrity treatment!

Of course, you may not need the motivation of seeing how you’d look thinner to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Good health and vitality is its own reward, regardless of how you look.

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  1. Celebrity treatment indeed! Just goes to prove how much technology can change even people. Pretty impressive article. Well done.

  2. It is amazing how computers can make us look great. But in reality, the only way is to work at it. Loved the article.

  3. Yeah, why in the world would you want to do this. You would be giving out a fake picture of yourself to people.

  4. Well people who are over wieght need motivation to lose wieght some times so in order to see if it\’s worth losing the wieght in the first place.

  5. What is the website to send a picture?

  6. what is the website to send a picture.?

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