Weight Loss Blog: 19/6

How is it going?

It is once again one of those times where I have no idea how much I weigh. I ate a lot of salty food at the weekend, and that always makes me retain water, so I guess I will just have to wait for a couple of days until things settle down then I should be able to get a more accurate reading again.

Since I stopped “dieting” as such, I have been a lot happier in myself. I would much prefer to be able to eat more food but then do lots of exercise in order to make up for that food, as it makes me think that I can eat more in the long term. Even though the scales are saying that I am a certain weight, I know that this can’t be true, because I haven’t even eaten 1,000 calories over my BMR, let alone the 14,000 I would had had to in order the gain the amount that the scales are telling me that I have. So I know that it is just thanks to the water, and I also know that it’s probably going to go away again in the next couple of days as long as I eat well, drink plenty, and do some exercise.

I have been considering getting a FitBit over the past few days. It’s like a little device that clips to your belt and can tell you how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned, and how far you’ve walked, even if that’s just around your house. I’ve been getting a little bit fed up of counting calories, seeing as I’ve been doing it for a year and a half now, so this means that I would love to be able to get something that would do the counting for me and just tell me the amount that I could eat without gaining any weight. The device costs £79.99 but lasts for a long time, and this means that it is something that I really am considering investing in. I don’t want to have to count my calories and exercise forever, but I certainly don’t want to be putting any of my weight back on, so this seems to be a good solution that would help me to stay slim without having too much trouble along the way. 

One thing that I am very grateful for is the support of all of my friends who have been here for me right since the beginning of this journey. I have never had a day where someone hasn’t mentioned my weight loss, and the fact that this has been the case has really helped me along the way with regards to continuing to drop the pounds. I only have ten more pounds to lose before I am at my ultimate goal weight, and I know that I would like them to be gone by my birthday. I have around ten weeks until then, so hopefully I will be able to lose a pound per week and get to my goal before the big day. I would like to turn 22 at the weight that I plan to spend the rest of my life at. 

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