Weight Loss Blog: 22/8

How am I getting on?

I thought I should probably try to give everyone a little update about how things have been going for me. I have a fair amount to tell you, so here’s as good a place to start as any. 

I thought it might be a good idea to add a photo in this time so that you know where I’m at looks wise. In the photo, I’m wearing new jeans, boots and a jacket that my parents have got me for my birthday. The coat is a size 10, which is something I never thought I was going to have to buy. Here is the photo. What do you think?

Looking at me now, I always find it a little bit hard to believe that I used to weigh almost 20 stones in weight. The girl who I see in these photos are no longer the girl who I was two years ago, and that’s something to be proud of for sure. 

I am starting to deal with my diet again, because I had let a couple of things slip. One of the things that I have sorted in the past week or so has been my breakfast. I have started eating porridge, because it is much better than the cereal that I used to have, and it’s nice and hot which will be something to appreciate in the winter when it’s cold and I have to get up first thing in the morning. The other thing that I have had to be careful about has been the amount of bread that I’ve been eating. I would have a slice with every meal, and then possibly a slice of toast in an evening as well, and I am no longer doing that. I haven’t had any bread now for a couple of days, and I’m hoping that this will be something I will be able to keep up with.

Exercise wise, I am doing fairly well. I have an exercise bike, and I have discovered that it is very easy to work on my articles and things like that while I’m cyling, providing I can set my laptop up on a table by the side of the bike. I am managing to do around two hours a day on the bike when I am in the mood, and it actually makes me work harder on my articles because of the fact that my heart is beating faster and it keeps me more energized.

I am now 11 stone 5 pounds, which is 9 pounds away from my eventual goal weight. Hopefully, I should be able to reach that goal within around eight weeks. I would like to be at my absolute goal, my dream body, by Christmas at the latest. Ideally, I would have been maintaining my weight for at least a few weeks by then, as I don’t want to be flustered with Christmas food. I need to know exactly how much I can eat without my weight changing at that point.

So, that’s where I’m at right now. One last thing I’d like to do would be to thank everyone who’s supported me along this journey. I have enjoyed it in a strange kind of way, as I love being able to speak to new people and get to know them. That has been a wonderful side effect of this journey, and I am looking forward to it being able to continue. 

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  1. What a wonderful transformation! You are looking stunning right now (and that coat is so tiny, wow). I currently am very disappointed with my weight loss journey, because my weight has spiked up recently even though I’ve been doing everything right. It is very disheartening, although I think it’s probably because of my period.

    Good luck for Christmas :) You have all of us rooting for you!

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  7. You look fantastic! hard to believe you were once 20 stones! Very well done girl.
    I’m currently trying to shed my last 9lbs after losing 5 stones and have gotten a bit lazy lately, mainly because it’s so hot where I live right now.

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