Weight Loss Blog: 2/7

Where am I up to?

So, I made the decision a couple of days ago that I was going to take part in a twelve week transformation contest. For those who have been following my blogs for a long time, you will remember that I did one of these at Christmas as well and managed to lose a fair amount of weight from doing this. At the moment, I’m not try to lose weight as much as build muscle, but this contest certainly sounds as though it is something that I would be able to benefit from. 

I have twelve weeks starting from next Sunday I believe, although I have already submitted my “start” photos which means that I can begin to start the change now. So, what am I going to change? Well the first thing that I need to do is stop snacking in the evening. I always find myself with a packet of chocolate which isn’t going to make me gain weight because of the amount of exercise that I do, but is certainly isn’t going to help me to lose the rest of the fat that I want to either.

I have had weights for a long time, and need to think about using them more regularly. Squatting is something that I am keen to start, because I know that it has a good impact on your legs, which is an area that I would very much like to improve on myself. In addition to this, I want to try and improve the muscle in my arms, which means that I will have to do just normal bench presses as well. I have been doing these for some time and I think that I am making progress on them slowly but certainly surely. 

Another thing that I need to sort out is my attitude towards running. I am getting better at this, as I have been out for a run several times in the past couple of weeks, and this is something that I would have refused to do in the past because I get very self conscious exercising in front of people. But I also know that running is a really good exercise, and my overall fitness does need to improve, so this seems to be the obvious solution to me for the moment. Even if I just try to go out two or three times per week it would be brilliant, as this is much more than I had ever managed to do in the past. 

I suppose I should set out my goals now so that everybody knows exactly what I’m trying to do. Firstly, I am desperate to lose the last ten pounds that I need to shift to be able to say that I am at my goal weight. Secondly, I need to start building some muscle so that I am no longer in the “skinny-fat” category. I know that I look great in clothes now, but I would very much like to look great without them as well, so I know that I have to concentrate on toning up as well as just losing fat. I will try to keep people updated with my progress as much as possibly can over the course of the next twelve weeks. 

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