Weight Loss, The Seven Traps to Avoid

You want to lose weight? You are already hard to an unsatisfactory result? Are you sure you do it? Here’s a list of the classic traps that prevent the needle from the balance to tilt the right side.

Have you set reasonable goals?

We all want to look like models filiform magazines. But in real life, we are not all programmed to be very thin and starve us will not change. It is important to learn to accept themselves and set realistic goals. A want to lose too many pounds, you can not do and we are never satisfied. So be reasonable and objective.

Frustrations do not accumulate

The more your system will be draconian, the harder it is to follow the long term. If you continually impose hardship, you must accumulate the frustration and you crack, ruining all your efforts. Weight loss is achieved in the long run. There must be a long program whose goal is not to frustrate you temporarily, but you learn to eat in moderation and balance your life.

Your breakfast is sufficient and balanced?

A major mistake not to make is to skip breakfast. This first meal of the day and therefore must be sufficiently balanced to allow you to take all morning and lunch to discuss without being hungry. Or you will be more hungry at lunch, you eat more in quantity while neglecting quality. For the same reason, lunch must also be sufficiently consistent. Be satisfied with a simple green salad at noon exposes you to snacking in the next few hours …
Attention also to the composition of breakfast. Avoid pastries cakes and cookies and other industrial rich in saturated fatty acids. Prefer low-fat dairy products, cereals and wholemeal bread and fruit.

Avoid all soft drinks

Sodas, juices, syrups, flavored waters, etc.. All soft drinks should be avoided. They provide what we call empty calories, that is to say they have no nutritional value, but in addition to your daily calories and may prevent you from losing weight .. .
Also avoid light versions because they have the disadvantage of maintaining your sweet tooth.

Do not eat too fast

At each meal, take your time. Sit in a calm and do not get distracted by television, for example. This is by eating slowly and quietly that we learn to spot the signals of hunger and satiety, are essential to control your appetite.

Salads are they really small?

Eat salads of all kinds, including the famous green salad, lightens meals. Be careful, the more salad, the more vinaigrette …
Similarly, for salads are light, do not fill them too: a bit of ham in it, nuts and there, a few cubes of cheese … and you end up with a true gourmet salad!

Are you active enough?

Physical activity should be part of all programs to lose weight. Note that for general health, a workout every other day is ideal. Only (e) or in groups, it is essential that you to move regularly. And remember that all add up throughout the day. So take the stairs whenever the opportunity arises, make crafts, gardening, get the bread from the baker on foot, etc..

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