Weight Reducing Drugs

Various weight reducing pills to loss weight fast and with less side effects.

Weight reducing pills or anti-obesity pills are medications that helps to reduce weight. These drugs decreases the hunger and increase the activity of body. These drugs must be used as a life saving medication that is in cases of morbid obesity. Anti obesity pills suppresses the hunger, increases the metabolism of the body and helps in absorbing nutrients in food.

There are importantly two types of weight reducing pills such as Prescription pills and Over-the-counter pills. Some of the Prescription pills are Phentermine, Xenical and Meridia which helps in reducing weight. Some of the Over-the-counter pills are Metabolife and Herbalife which acts as weight loss supplement. There are few creams and gels, which passes through the skin and burns body fat. Diuretics is any drug that elevates the rate of urination and gets rid off the excess water beneath the skin. Diuretics also provide electrolytes to retain muscle fullness.

There are many of weight loss supplements like fat burners, metabolism boosters, hunger suppressants and thyroid supplements. Below are few of the weight loss pills.

Amphetamine: This drug increases wakefulness, decreases fatigue and hunger. It belongs to phenethylamines compounds. 

Anorectics: This is a dietary supplements which reduces appetite and causes weight loss. They are used to treat obesity.

Cocaine: It is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is taken from the coca plant leaves. This stimulates the central nervous system and also acts as an appetite suppressant. But cocaine has certain side effects such as hypertension, physical disorder or heart valve diseases. 

Ephedrine: It is a sympathomimetic amine used as a stimulant, appetite suppressant, concentration aid and to treat hypotension. In 2003 Ephedrine was banned but later the ban was revoked. It is also banned in athletics as it enhances performance. It should be taken only if it’s recommended by doctors. 

Neopuntia is a 100% natural, 100% organic fat binder made out of dehydrated leaves of nutritious cactus.

The obesity threatens diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes and vascular diseases. In such situations, diet pills can be of great use. Extensive research has proved that a reducing fat intake in dietary can contributes to weight loss.

Proactol: It is natural weight loss dieting pill that encourages people reduce excess body weight. It is the first clinically proven fat binder. it is a kind of medical mechanism because it changes the process of food digesting activity in the body. This is 100% organic plant extract and fully natural. Proactol doesn’t have allergens, artificial coloring salt flavors, gluten and preservatives. It doesn’t have any side effects.. 

Pyruvate: It is a relatively new supplement and preserves muscle tissue as well as increases fat loss. 

Thyroid boosters: It is a supplement which naturally supports healthy thyroid and burns the fat in our body fast. Natural loss of weight through exercise is always recommended by FDA 

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  3. This was a very interesting article. Some of the chemicals listed are definitely outlawed in America though and I would be very wary of using cocaine or ephedrine as drugs to lose weight. But at any rate, this was an informative article. Thanks for joining Triond, and I am happy to have you as a friend!

  4. Any Drug should be the last resort. May I also add that if your even 10 lbs.over weight you are Medically consider obese.

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  10. As people grow older I imagine they tend to gain weight, and articles like this is sure to keep them attuned as to their options,but my fellow worldlander we must be careful not to give any addicts an excuse they can use (rationalize) for the use of cocaine (smile).

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  19. drugs for weight loss need to be considered very carefully and only after medical consultation in my opinion – certainly a lot of options out there!

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  26. eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise still sounds the the safest for controlling or loosing weight. good article though on the various drugs used.

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  29. The thyroid boosters would certainly help people. People with hypothroidism eat very little but this condition causes them to put on weight.

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