Weight Watchers Charts

What is the Weight Watcher diet program? Why should I use it and how? All the explanation you need in an easy to understand charts that summarize it all.

What is “Weight Watchers”?

Weight Watchers diet is an old program for weight loss and maintaining balanced health. This is a sane diet designed for all ages and its goal is to teach participants how to eat right and live healthy.
Weight Watchers diet goal is to lose 2-3 pounds a month while improving blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

Participants in the Weight Watchers diet gather once a week in support groups located throughout the world and each participant receives a personal points “budget” by which he conducts his diet. Together with the “budget” participants also receive a points  booklet with guidelines detailing the points value of each food. Each participant can then summarize the points of  the food he consumed for the day and compare it with the number allotted to him every day.
Weight Watchers Diet participants are allowed to eat everything. There is no right and wrong. What is important is to summarize the food points value and make sure not to pass the established budget.

Important and Interesting Weight Watcher Charts

There are many individual charts regarding the Weight Watcher (WW) program, I have chose to show you only a small number in each category, so you will understand the main idea.

Why should I use Weight Watcher Diet?

This chart shows how effective WW diet is.

How much should I reduce in weight?

This chart shows what should be your optimized weight given your gender and height (a weight watchers weight chart).

Weight Watchers point chart, or How should I calculate the points?

When signing to the program you get a well organize booklet that explain it all and contain all the point charts needed for a Weight Watcher. In addition, nowadays, most foods are already marked with their number of points. However, I will give you the two most used point charts that demonstrated the weight watchers point system chart.

Does it really work?

Two real charts, or real people that lost weight thanks to WW:

Your log chart:

A chart you can print and use for logging your daily “point consuming”:

Something funny for conclusion:

I hope they will bring a smile to your face:

This chart shows how sex is great for diet. Remember – diet does not have to be only about suffering…

As this chart shows: another possibility instead of a diet is to travel to other planets such as Pluto where your weight will be greatly lowered.

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