Why are Chinese and Japanese People So Thin

Lose weight fast with an asian diet.

It is well known that Asian people such as the Chinese and Japanese are thin and healthy. What they eat has a lot to do with their petite sizes. There is not many incidences of heat disease, cancer or weight related health issues that plague the USA and other countries.

In western cultures the diet is typically high in saturated fats, there is a lot of meat, fast and greasy food and enormous portions. Asian diets on the other hand generally consist of rice, fish, soy, fruits, vegetables and tea. Diary products like milk and cheese are not consumed as often.

Adopting an Asian diet can help you lose weight fast. Here are some tips which can assist:

-Eat smaller portions of food
-Eat more often rather than 3 big meals a day, try eating 5 meals throughout the day but in smaller portions.
-Include lots of vegetables and fruit in your diet
-Stop drinking sugary drinks like sodas or juice and opt for Chinese teas or water
-Use vegetable oil for cooking as it is an unsaturated fat
-Avoid any foods which contain a lot of sugar, preservatives and artificial flavours
-Regular exercise will also help shed the kilos

Commitment to these diet plans to lose weight is important. Keep it healthy and you should be seeing results very quickly.

I also recommend the book “Feed your Tiger” for some great Asian recipes and tips for losing weight. It is currently on sale at Amazon for $21.55.

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