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Last week I was awfully whiny. Oh well. Everyone is entitled to that sometimes. Moving on.

So I got my wisdom teeth out Friday evening. Not pleasant… And I only got 2 out! My face was mighty swollen and still is for that matter. Not quite as much as day 2 but I still think I slightly resemble Stan from American Dad. Not attractive, let me tell you. Today is the only day I really went out in public for real and only because I desperately needed Abreva for the super hot cold sore I developed sometime yesterday. Actually, I suppose my visit to the doctor yesterday for a regular physical examination qualifies as venturing out in public, so I just lied. I got a bunch of blood work done and a tetanus shot. I totally feel like someone punched me in my left arm. On the bright side, I weigh 123 pounds. This is fantastic because last year at this time I weighed 143 or more. And for me, that is FAT. I’m 5′2″. We can’t allow these things. Stay tuned for the blog post about how I managed to get to a really good weight. It took a lot of trial and error, but I did it.

I registered for an acting class. I’m really excited. Probably more nervous than anything… But they make pills for that so they will come in handy. The sad part is that i have to pay my $300 in payments of $100 at a time. I’m poor. It’s true. Maybe this class will give me what I need to make it in the acting world. Who knows? If other people can do it then why can’t I? 

I stayed home from work today because of my swollen face and the fact that I think it’s a better idea to not be on painkillers at work. I will return tomorrow. Hopefully soon I can stop my diet of pudding, jello, yogurt and oatmeal. It kind of sucks. You know what else sucks? That probably no one else reads this blog. Oh well. As long as I can entertain myself then that works for me. 

I know that this blog post was pretty much pointless, but I don’t care. To conclude, I will mention 3 things that I am very into right now and highly recommend. As far as books go, right now I am reading Water For Elephants. I am enjoying it. I will have an update about what I really think once I am finished which should be in a few days. As for music, I am really loving Oh Land. I mean, I really love her music. Seriously. And although I don’t watch a ton of tv, I do allow myself one show addiction at a time. Since I am finally caught up on Dexter, I had to pick something. I think I chose wisely. I am currently on the 4th episode of Californication and I’m hooked. Definitely a great show. 

Maybe tomorrow night or Thursday I will write about how the the acting class went. I can’t focus anymore because of the pain meds. Ta ta!

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  1. Teeth problems and cold sores sounds like your run down. Are you getting enough vitamin c ? Thanks for your post .

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