Why People are Fat

Here are the reasons why people are fat.

1 Proud American: The reason why you are fat is because you are a proud American who eats American food and have the one decease that only Americans get, called “diabetes”.

2 I’m Loving It: you’re fat because you eat to much junk food at MC Donald’s and other fast food restaurants.

3 Loser: you’re fat because you lack self esteem so you eat to make your self feel better.

4 Hungry: you’re fat because you have a uncontrollable eating disorder.

5 Don’t care: you’re fat because you don’t care enough about your body.

6 Couch Potato: you’re fat because you can get your lazy butt off the couch.

7 Constipation: you’re fat because you spend way to much time on the toilet reading newspapers

8 World Of War Craft: you’re Fat because you play to much video games and have no social life.

9 Big Bones: you’re fat because its in your DNA.

10 You Want To Be: you’re fat because you love living life large.

“If you have any more reasons why people are fat then leave a comment “

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