Will Watermelon Make You Fat?

Watermelon is said to be unhealthy. Will it cause you to gain weight? Are you sabotaging your diet by eating this delicious fruit.

Many people are under the impression that watermelon is not healthy for you. Is it a really bad food choice, however? If you allow your kids to eat too much watermelon, are they going to gain a lot of weight? Is this the right fruit for someone on a diet to eat? Here are some of the things that someone wondering about how healthy watermelon is should take into consideration.

Why is Watermelon Said to Be Unhealthy?

There is one main reason that watermelon is said to be unhealthy. It is because in comparison to other fruits, it is high in sugar. If your diet or your child’s diet already consists of foods that are very high in sugar, it is unlikely that weight gain is going to be a problem. Think about it this – which is a healthier option: a Snicker’s bar or watermelon? If you guessed watermelon, then you’re right.

Are There Benefits of Eating Watermelon?

As with almost any type of fruit, there are a number of benefits associated with eating watermelon. It is a lot lower in calories than many of the foods that you probably snack on already, which means that it may help you lose weight. Keep in mind that watermelon is also high in dietary fiber, so it will help suppress your appetite when you eat it.

Can You Make Eating Watermelon Healthier?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to improve the overall health of watermelon is to eat it in combination with other fruits, in the form of a fruit salad. Eating grapes, strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, and various other fruits will help reduce the amount of watermelon that you are eating. Instead of eating only one fruit that is somewhat high in sugar, you will be eating a variety of fruits. This is also likely to make watermelon a more satisfying option for a snack or meal. Fruit salad can be a great start to any day!

The rule of thumb that you’re probably already familiar with? Everything in moderation is acceptable. This means that eating watermelon every once and awhile is not going to lead to weight gain. Limiting the amount that you eat or your child eats can help prevent this fruit from being a problem. Keep in mind that it is probably not something that you should worry about anyway, since watermelon is likely to be much healthier than many other fruits that you or your child eats in the first place. 

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  1. Really liked this information as watermelon is everywhere here up north in the summer…I like your perspective as it may be higher in sugar than other fruits but a lot better for me than the candy and chips I was consuming before switching to watermelon.

  2. It’s fruit darn it and if you ate the whole thing in one day, then you would probably gain weight for that. That’s probably 3 or maybe 4 servings alone for the whole thing. If you have about pizza pie slice you would be fine. Fruit salad is good on occasion, but you probably shouldn’t put all that fruit in it. Just 3 or 4 pieces of different fruit in it, okay.

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