WoW Being Paid to Lose Weight! I Wish I Was Overweight

There is a new social site out there for people that are overweight. It is another weight lose program with a twist.

There is another social site out there but this one is strategically design for those that are over weight and for those who are not really over weight but are desiring to shed a few pounds to get there sexy back.I am a n online fanatic and I do a lot of surfing , I mean A lot of surfing.SO i AM often finding things that peek my interests whether they are for me or not. Well there is something that intrigued me. And that is that there is a place you can go and lose weight but the twist in it is this the actually pay you to lose weight and there is more to it than that. Like I said this is a social site you can meet people who share your interest goals so its like going to the gym and meeting new friends to network, with share day to day affairs, like and dislikes, all the while, you’re getting down to the size you want and you’re  making money doing so.

This program allows you to blog about your dieting challenges post picture you know ever one likes those before and after stories with the pictures showing your results. Isn’t it great that losing weight is no longer a boring lonely experience for every interested sign up here. click . And don’t be surprised single ladies and gents if you see some eye people on this site catches your eye the world is filled with possibilities.

I have taken the liberty to add this to my blog that I have dedicated to those having a very hard time losing weight. I can understand any one who wants to be at top performance so for those of you that are wondering click on click or check out y blog for more details concerning this new phenomenon of a website

simply shedding pounds Teaching you how to eat healthy stay in shape and get the most out of life and very little set backs.

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  1. Cool for once people get paid to loose weight, not have to pay…Great article.

  2. I am most definitely going to check that out, thanks for the heads up :)

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