You Can Still Eat Out Whilst Losing Weight

How you can do so.

If you’re trying to lose weight at the moment then you might be right in thinking that during dieting times, food really can take over your life. It can be very hard when you’re thinking about whether you should go out for a meal, because you know full well that there is a lot of temptation when you do that. However, there are things that you could do which would mean that you should be able to enjoy yourself just as much as you would have been able to in the past.

  • Drink diet coke or water. Drinking things that contain a lot of calories is a waste, because you don’t even notice what you’re drinking a lot of the time. If you drink alcohol, there can sometimes be almost half of your daily calorie goal in one glass, and obviously it is much better if you could avoid this. By sticking to diet soft drinks, this means that you’re not going to be consuming as many calories during the course of the evening, and therefore don’t have to worry quite so much.
  • Stick to two courses at the most. If you normally have three courses, then this is point at which you should be cutting back on this. Instead, ask for your first course to be brought out to you at the same time as everyone else’s starter, and then eat slower than them so that it doesn’t feel like you’re not eating as much. I don’t mind simply sitting and having a chat while other people enjoy their other courses, but some people seem to think that it is wrong for you to go out and then not be having anything to eat at the same time. You just have to do whatever you’re comfortable with, because at the end of the day it is you who is trying to lose the weight; not any of your friends.
  • Be careful what you order from the menu. There is no need to be boring about what you order, but by following some simple rules you could try to contain the number of calories that you end up consuming. If you would like a burger for example, then you could always try asking for it without the bread. This would save you at least 100 calories, and most people find the bread more of a problem than something that they’re enjoying. If you ask for a side salad then ask for it without dressing, and if your dish comes served with chips, then ask whether you could have a side of vegetables instead. Most places are happy to do things like this for the same price as the item that you would have eaten normally, so it really is no trouble, and this means that there is no reason at all that you shouldn’t be able to just go out and enjoy yourself like everybody else can. 
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