Will Laser Hair Removal Work for Me?

Like most people not allot of have a very good grasp on lasers. Lately it has been promoted heavily, TV commercials, radio and even emails. But people who want it don’t really know much about it. That’s OK, your not alone. I will try to give you some info on this subject so that you can make a decision on whether it is the right thing for you.

How It Works

Lasers used in hair removal work by using light and radio waves that targets dark hair follicles in your skin. A doctor will use a handheld unit that targets follicles and destroys the cells that generate hair growth. Thereby remove the root of a hair. Easy right? Now a person with lighter might be thinking “Am I a good candidate for laser removal?” It does indeed work on most colors and types of hair over time. I have been told that the darker the easier it is to remove.

Has laser removal been perfected?

Dr. Braun at the Vancouver Laser & Skin Care Centre uses the latest technology in laser hair removal with the Soprano laser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though laser technology has been around for while now, it’s only really been used for industry. Salons and spas have only been using them for a short while compared to commercial cutter businesses. But in this short period of time, many people have found great success in loosing unwanted hair with these machines. Some people haven’t, people with lighter colored hair may have to go more than a person with darker hair before it goes away.  

Is it safe?

Yes, its safe for the most part if you use a qualified local that has been doing it for a while. The usual issues that pop up with using a laser, is usually sun burn. Not really sun burn but that’s what it feels like. After a few days the pain will be gone and so will the hair. Also, if the person performed it does do it wrong, it can cause the hair to grow back in a patchy manner.

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