10 Natural Ways to Stop Pregnancy

You can easily stop your pregnancy by applying any one way from these simple steps.

Teenagers’ peers are usually an abundant store of eroticism beliefs that include folk myths passed from one generation of adolescents to the next myths that are often at odds with reality. Consider, for example, the following items of bogus folk wisdom.

  1. You can’t get pregnant if it’s your first time.
  2. Jumping up and down immediately after intercourse will prevent conception.
  3. Douching with Coca-Cola or 7-Up will kill whatever sperm the process doesn’t wash away.
  4. It’s impossible to get pregnant if you have sex during your [menstrual] period.
  5. After intercourse, a hot bath or a heating pad on the stomach prevents conception.
  6. As long as neither party takes off their underpants, no babies will result.
  7. Taking 20 aspirin right after will halt conception from taking place.
  8. Provided you do it standing up or with the girl on top, the sperm will never reach the egg.
  9. As long as he pulls out before he ejaculates, no sperm will be loosed inside the girl.
  10. Sneezing after sex prevents pregnancy.

For adolescents who are newly impelled by powerful hormones, the sex urge can be so strong that it overrides reason. Thus, when emotions are allowed to trump logic, hormone-driven teens are prone to accept folk myths as true.

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  1. Great article. It is very informative.
    Keep sharing.

  2. Those myths would be funny but some girls do believe them.

  3. I’m not sure about Folk Wisdom # 3!

    Anyway, if there are any great, sure natural ways preventing conception then it’s always a great thing.

    Cheers . j

  4. interesting!

  5. Very funny!!! I hope nobody take it seriously!!!! Good article!

  6. You can’t get pregnant if it’s your first time. I could not understand What does it mean. Please help me

  7. are u people retarded? this article is neither informative nor is it interesting…and anyone who would think any of that is true has to be an idiot.

  8. .._h! everyone…
    i make sex on feb. 14 and my first period was jan. 28…
    until now, march 3 im not yet menstruating.
    am i pregnant???

  9. nooo..but i do..will u give me a chance

  10. Im 15years and i live in kenya,if you people my age living in the western side believe this…then they are the dumbest i’ve heard

  11. maybe, but your first year your flow will be irregular.

  12. hi. how stopping prenency in natural way. i hav all ready one child…..

  13. Gals take this article funny. dont take it serious.

  14. Complete B.S

  15. i made sex last month and my period always come in the starting of the month like 5,6,7,butnow this month ihave my period atdec26 am i pregnant .and tell how to control my pregnancy.

  16. who can answer this my gf is vomiting and favoring for mango..
    is she pregnant? were 14yrs.old plz help us..

  17. omg it works, i douched coca cola, and also hot bath , though i ejaculated inside,
    gr8 technique

  18. is this true

  19. i m preg but i m not sure….but i dont wanna get pregnent so soon…plz help me out

  20. i am stessing my ass off.. my period sould begin tomorrow so please hope it come tomorrow!!!!

  21. i m pooja ,l am just eighteen.i had sex with my bf before 40 days.he used condom when he sexed with me.afterthat i did not miss my period but i feel vomiting so am i pregnent,if i be then what should i do ‘plz help me soon

  22. very helpful info

  23. @Pooja: as long as you are menstruating (dont miss the period) after sex, you are not pregnant.

  24. hi i am tania, i had sex with my bf after 3 days of my menstration and now i have more than 5 days from my regular menstration but i dont have menses, am i pregnanet?

  25. hi.. my girlfriends menstrations is mar 28.. and today is april 28, she doesnt get menstration.. she is pregnant? help me pls,,

  26. most probably not, wait 15 days more for a confirmation.

  27. u’re an idiot urself that u came here xD

  28. I miss my periods it’s nearly 1 week n I ve pain I m feeling like ll ve period bt it’s not happing plssss help me I dont wan be prengant I did check be4 2 days pregnancy test showed tht I m not pregnant I m really worried :(

  29. Bt still I didnt had periods :( Wht does this mean ???

  30. Pls Help me we did sex last april 29 which is our monthsary then we do the same last May 18,& 19 2012. Now I am wondering and keep on asking to myself and so worried because it almost the end of the month I didnt have a period. but I am snizzing until now. Is there a possibility that I am pregnant or not? please help me I dont know what I supposed to do I am not ready for pregnancy. I need your advice. pls help.

  31. can a girl pregnent if stitches are not open

  32. hey i had sex n its ma first
    wat should i do now plz sugegest

  33. hi I had intercoarse with my girlfriend last oct.1

  34. i have before 1 mnth wl i be pregnant

  35. does #1 true?

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