70 Years Old and Pregnant

I once wrote an article on a five year old girl (as well as other little girls) that had become pregnant by an unknown person. Now, I am going to tell you bit about the oldest woman that had gotten pregnant and given birth naturally and the oldest woman that had gotten pregnant using IVF (in vitro fertilization).

While fifty eight year old Dawn Brook of Guernsey was on vacation in the U.S, she started noticing that she was feeling tired, achy, and was having cravings.  She should have been passed menopause and because of that she feared that she was having symptoms of cancer.  So she rushed home and straight to the doctors.  The doctor told her that she was sixteen weeks pregnant.

This was baffling to both her and the doctors because she had not been going under an IVF treatment.  What they think was the cause was that she was undergoing HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  In rare cases the therapy can cause any remaining eggs to drop causing the woman to become pregnant.

On August 20, 1997, at the age of fifty nine, Dawn gave birth by cesarean section to a healthy baby boy.

In 2008 seventy year old Omkari Panwar, gave birth two twins after going to the doctor to receive IVF treatment.  She and her husband had only daughters and were desperate to have a male heir.  In India only a male can perform funeral rites and they wanted a son who they could leave their property.  She had been bed ridden for eight months and her husband said that he wasn’t sure if she would survive the pregnancy.  After having an emergency cesarean section a month early, they became the parents of a boy and a girl.  While they felt that the girl was an extra burden they were relieved to find out that their efforts had paid off with their son.

Her age is not confirmed because she has no birth certificate but based on the fact that she remembers being nine years old when the British quit India in 1947.  If it is confirmed that she is not seventy then a sixty seven year old woman in Barcelona, Spain will have the record of being the oldest woman to give birth. (I didn’t find any other information on her other than her age and where she is from.)

There is much debate on whether women passed their forties should be allowed to undergo IVF treatment.  There are a few countries that have passed laws banning them from doing so, while in other countries doing so is up to the parents to be.  The older the woman is the more health risks there are involved and that is the main reason people are against it but there are other arguments about the possibility of the parents dying before their children are adults and things like that.  Of course on the pro side, it is a person’s right to do what they want with their life and if a person cannot have children naturally and want to, they should be able to without people judging them.

See: for my other article.

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  1. Those are interesting accounts. The first one seemed bizarre for me. Like you said people have a choice but they need to be prepared for the risks as well.

  2. A very thought provoking article – yes, people do have a choice but at such a late age it’s more probable that the children will lose their parents at an early age. I would say that the impact on a child suffering bereavement early on in life should be thought through when having children so late on.

  3. Good article SA. I agree a lot with what Kate said. The only advantage (from the child’s point of view) is that any inheritance comes much sooner.

  4. I agree with both Sharif and Kate!

  5. Wow that is interesting, I pity either of these poor women who have a child (or children in the 70 year olds case) to take care of in their old age.

  6. I just want to say that I know I said on the \”pro side\” but I didn\’t mean that I\’m pro having a kid at 70…I was just stating their argument.

  7. Interesting share :) Yesterday, i read an article of a 5 year girl being pregnant and delivering a baby………

  8. Really, that’s weird and interesting!

  9. Really? That’s weird and interesting

  10. Really? That\’s weird and interesting

  11. wow this is both eerie and interesting, anything’s possible now a days.

  12. people are so different.
    There is no way that I would have a baby at 70, just the thought of the child losing its parents at just a young age,puts me off just to begin with.

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