A Natural Way to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

A home remedy based on Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides a prompt relief with no side effects: ginger tea with brown sugar. It’s easy, effective, and natural.

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps; some have mild symptoms but some have severe pain during period. This ginger tea with brown sugar is widely used by Chinese women to relieve menstrual cramps. Ginger is a natural pain killer and it stimulates the Yang energy (as opposed to Yin energy) which helps the blood circulation. Ginger tea with honey is also a natural remedy for flu and cold. However, for menstrual pain relief, brown sugar is essential because it is less processed and thus preserves more nutrients, including minerals to tranquilize the nervous system and thus to relieve pain.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the combination of ginger tea and brown sugar not only relives cramps but also helps the body to clear waste with menstrual bleeding. This recipe gives you a more comfortable period and a healthier body in general. Have this ginger tea with brown sugar for at least twice (250 c.c. each time) everyday or anytime you feel cramps during period, or just anytime you feel like a cup of hot tea. It is natural without any side effects (the only concern may be calories), so you can have as much as you want.


1 inch piece of ginger root

2 table spoons of brown sugar

5 cups of water


  1. Peel ginger root and slice it into thin slices
  2. In a saucepan bring water to immediate boil and add ginger slices
  3. Reduce heat and simmer with cover for 20 minutes
  4. Add brown sugar and gently stir to dissolve
  5. Strain the tea to a mug or teapot

In addition, virtually all Chinese women know that cold food and drink, such as ice cream and cold beverage, triggers menstrual pain. It is very well known because Chinese mothers tell their daughters to avoid cold food (or drink) during their period. Women with more severe menstrual pain should start doing so a few days before her period until it ends, or even avoid cold food and drink as much as possible.

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  1. Good article. Thank you.

  2. Great information. I didn`t know about the cold food & drink. My mother-in-law always yells at me for using ice. Guess she was right. Thanks

  3. Good to know. I will definitely try it. Thanks.

  4. 1 “i like” it to your post……
    Great and good info i also making site about health like yoga, aerobics, stomach exercise…Find more here

  5. yum yum I like it. It makes me feel better too, so comforting.

  6. Thanks, I am going to try it tonight.

  7. This is really nice. ginger has done the trick for me and i know for a fact that cold stuffs are a problem i’ve experinced it. I can recommend this to anyone who suffers from period pain really.

  8. im an 18yr chinese girl and my mum reccommends the exact same thing!! i get the worst cramps & my mum has always made me drink brown sugar water.. ill try it with ginger today!!

  9. Its really work and reduce the severe pain during menses.

  10. Thanks for the info. But does chewing a small bit of raw ginger lead to heavy periods. My periods had stopped for a day. I had a piece of raw ginger to stimulate metabolism, bleeding started. I am confused. Is ginger the reason?

  11. My daughter is 13 years old and she suffers badly I have tried everything. But to think that something as natural as ginger could be so powerful to the body. Thanks for recommanding this home remedy my daughter is much happier.

  12. this is a life saver…i find that if i drink it regularly throughout the month, even when i’m not on my period, it helps to make it less painful and even shortens it slightly.

  13. thank you for this article.. much needed.

  14. I’m 14 and chinese/taiwanese, my mom tells to not drink cold food and drink, which I find particuarly hard to cope with, because there are a lot of yummy things in the refrigerator haha, but my mom makes red bean tea/juice, just boil red beans and then drink it… i think. It works ,though

  15. I’m drinking ginger tea right now. Every time I get my period my mother makes the exact ginger tea mentioned in the article and it works! I always have bad/severe cramps that keeps me in bed for the first 2 days, but this really relieves the pain.

  16. In graduate school, two of my classmates were from China. We took a road trip to NC and, during my “monthly” I was writhing in pain. Sure enough, she told me to drink hot “brown sugar water.” I had been on prescription pain meds for years and I couldn’t believe that something so simple could work! She also recommended these options for variety: 1) brown sugar “tea”; 2) dong quai root (its so bitter you MUST add brown sugar but it works); and 3) ginger root tea with brown sugar…

  17. It makes blood flow more easily. If you look at a lot of cramp remedies like fish oil, warmth, garlic, they are anticoagulants, which means they thin out your blood: I think maybe the blood being more thinned out and flowing more easily, instead of clotting up and being stagnant, is what helps prevent the cramping pains.

  18. This is very interesting. I have my period right now but I am just drinking hot green tea! It lasts for about 20min then I took a hot shower (I rather take a hot bath) and it helped. Now I am heating up some tea and drinking it and heating up some more and drinking it. works:)

    However, I need to get more ginger. Also if you exercise.. it lessens the pain and your period because of the testosterone levels. it helps.

  19. The only thing I have is brown sugar. I am about to try it out. Ahh its so simple and healthy! Time to read books about ancient chinese herbal remedies! I am into this stuff so yeah!

  20. I have tried drinking ginger root teas to help smooth period pains. But I find it very difficult to drink since it is so bitter. Any tips to make it better?

  21. Crystallized ginger is a quick fix for menstrual cramps. I know added sugar isn’t good, but it works really well and quickly.

  22. I meant to mention that it is very easy to chew on crystallized ginger and actually tasty. Try “ginger for baking” by The Ginger People. It’s inexpensive and yummy.

  23. I started my period at 11 y/o (I’m 40 now) and my periods have always been HORRIBLE!!! Heavy, and VERY painful, I can sleep 2 days straight, and if I’m working I need 4 ibuprofen (800) every 4hrs to help me get through the day! The ONLY time my periods are EASY, light with no pain is when I WORK OUT regularly! So this is my goal this year…”work out” regularly, get in shape so I can STOP this madness!!!! Try it…I promise this is the BEST remedy!

    Well until then, I’m in pain right now…but I’m trying to get pregnant so I don’t want to take pain killers so my husband is on his way to get some ginger root and imma try this! I hope it works!

  24. i have really bad cramps and i think i am gunna get my period i am twelve i have the discharge and i have hair (on my head 2)and pweh my sweat stinks yuck! i also wear a b36 bra.

  25. this is remedy i will use. thanks

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