Abdominal Pain

Frankly speaking, abdominal pain is mainly due to some abdominal disease or dietary complications. There are numerable causes of stomachache range from indigestion, stomach flu or food poisoning to ulcers, gas and constipation which can lead to appendicitis or other crucial disorders.

 You should not depend only on painkillers and fluids for relief but should also improve your diet plans and switch to some abdominal exercises for better results. If the condition worsens take painkillers like acetaminophen. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen as these give rise to gastritis which may cause liver failure. Peppermint taken either in capsule or in form of liquid can help reduce spasms in colon which in turn can reduce abdominal pain. Antispasmodics like dicyclomine, hyoscyamine can relax muscles of stomach and intestines, and provide relief from abdominal pain. Antacids such as TUMS, Pepto-Bismol or Maalox help minimizing abdominal pain by neutralizing acids in stomach.

Using heating pad can help soothe cramps in abdominal muscles. But remember not to use them on bare skin or fall asleep putting them on.

Some foods and drinks such as caffeine, fried or spicy food cause irritation in stomach and so try to prevent fried, fatty and acidic food. Also, avoid soft drinks. Always try keeping yourself free from stress and do exercises regularly.

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