Anatomy and Physiology of The Breasts

The human breasts
Types of Nipples
Why are areolas dark?

Parts and Functions of the Breast

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The breasts are made of fatty tissues without any muscles; that is why it is soft.  Lobes are about fifteen sections in each breast arranged like a flower. Inside each lobe are lobules which produce milk in response to some hormones in the body. Milk passes to the lactiferous ducts down to lactiferous sinus down to the nipples.

Milk production depends on the infants demands. The hormones responsible are Prolactin (regulated by the Pituitary Gland) and decreased estrogen and progesterone after birth of the placenta.

As the newborn sucks the mother’s nipple, the let-down reflex is being initiated through the hormone oxytocin (regulated also by the Pituitary Gland).

Types of Nipples

  1. Average or normal
  2. Short or flat
  3. Inverted
  4. Long


***Flat, inverted nipple are usually corrected by baby’s suckling but it can be managed by a manual suction method: The Avent Niplette

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Why are areolas dark?

Areolas are dark because infants are said to be attracted to black and white colors. The areolas also consists if the Montgomery glands. These glands are sebaceous glands that secrete an oily substance that keep the nipple area healthy, lubricated and protected. It also has a certain odor that helps the infants know that it’s his or her mother’s milk, so they can easily latch on to it.

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