Differential Diagnosis of Appendicitis in Woman

This article brings to light the conditions which may mimic appendicitis in woman.

Appendicitis is the inflammation of appendix, a rudimentary part of gut in human beings. It is rare below two years of age and common in young children. Pain in right lower abdomen (right iliac fossa) is the earliest symptom of appendicitis. Vomiting due to reflux pylorospasm also happens to occur. Raised pulse, fever, constipation, tachycardia, and foetor oris are other sign and symptoms. Some specific signs and tests of inflamed appendix are evaluated by the doctor and it is confirmed on clinical basis.

Appendicitis may happen to occur during pregnancy which is harmful for the women. Appendicectomy is the most common non-gynaecologic procedure being done in the pregnancy. It becomes difficult to diagnose an inflamed appendix during pregnancy as the pregnancy itself may produce the symptoms of appendicitis. If the following differential diagnosis is remembered it becomes easy to diagnose an inflamed appedix during pregnancy and in woman.

(1) Ruptured ectopic gestation

(2) Ovarian cyst

(3) Mittelschmerz rupture of ovarian follicle during menstrual period. It is also known as middle pain.

(4) Salpingo-oophoritis

(5) Endometriosis

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