Foods and Tips to Enrich Your Breast Milk and Keep Your Baby Calm

Tips and food suggestions that may help enrich breast milk and help keep babies calm and happy.

Congratulations! You finally gave birth to your beautiful baby. The nurses in the hospital should have shown you how to breastfeed your baby and help you choose a position that is most comfortable for you. Most woman are able to breastfeed without complications. Although I have to admit it takes a few weeks for both you and your baby to be comfortable and figure out what and how it is best for both of you. One thing they don’t usually tell you in the hospital is what foods to eat to make the breast milk richer.

By now, I am sure you know that drinking coffee and eating chocolate is not good for your breast milk or your baby. In the very beginning many foods that you maybe used to eating may bother the baby. Foods like raw cabbage, peas, any kind of peppers, cucumbers, milk and some other foods may cause the baby to have gas or colic. It is definitely important to eat vegetables and fruits as your body is in great needs of vitamins and minerals which these foods contain. Unfortunately your baby’s little stomach will not be very happy with them, but there is away to eat the vegetables and keep the baby happy.

Here are some foods that I found are very good for the breast milk and keep the baby calm:

My number one food would have to be almonds: Almonds contain a lot of calcium which as a nursing mother you need the more the better. They are also very high in calories and do not cause irritability in children, but do wonders for your breast milk.

Avocado: This wonderful fruit is full of vitamins. Make an avocado salad for lunch or have it a snack. Avocados are high in fat, but that fat is not bad. This fat will help enrich your breast milk.

Soups: I have mentioned before that some vegetables may irritate your baby’s stomach. One way to introduce the vegetables is through soups. Cooked vegetables most of the time don’t cause gases in babies or at least not as bad as a raw vegetable. Soups are very satisfying and is a good way for you to get the vitamins that you so much need and to give them to your baby. I use frozen fresh vegetable mix for a quick soup. Chicken soup is also very good. It is high in fat and many other nutrient that greatly enrich your breast milk as well as help with the production of it.

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  1. wonderful article, informative and useful!

  2. Thanks I found your sight very helpful.

  3. very good information as i gave birth after 16yrs I have 2 kids aged 21 and 16 . this information is very good because my baby doesnt like formula and she loves breast milk

  4. Beer doesn’t contain any fat, just FYI! : ) Another way to increase milk production is by taking an herb called fenugreek, found in capsule and tea form at many hospitals/ breastfeeding centers.

  5. Wonderful article! i keep this list on my fridge, thank you!

  6. Thanks for this information…
    Its very handy and helpful or ne mothers like me..

  7. Beer is actually NOT a good way to make good breast milk. It’s the brewers yeast in the beer that makes good milk (lots of B vitamins, etc.), but the alcohol taste that gets into the milk makes the baby not want to nurse as much.

    Instead, try nutritional yeast. It has a nice, cheese-like taste (as opposed to brewers yeast, which is bitter). You can get it at a health food store or online. I sprinkle it on popcorn, buttered toast, make sauces and soups with it, and the list goes on. It’s very high in protein and B vitamins and does the same for breast milk production as drinking beer — except without the alcohol.

    By the way, I read something a while back about a study done where nursing moms ate garlic. I was surprised to learn that babies like the taste of garlic in breastmilk and so they suck longer. I eat garlic a lot and have found this to be true.

  8. Great articles to support above comment:

  9. Thanks for the info, at this stage,any help is good help


  10. As I ws reading your article…I had just eaten a handful of almonds! Great advice!

  11. hmmm.. my mother in law bought me some honey almond cookies from the chinese supermarket. they have an almond on top of every one and are loaded with a lovely almond and honey taste. i wonder if she knew something? i’m totally adicted to these cookies!

  12. Thanks. I keep buying books and racking my brain on what I can do to produce more milk and healthy milk. I appreciate the advice. I’m all ove it for my baby Luke!
    Naomi- San Bernardino, Ca

  13. I’ve been told by a number of lacation consultants that gassy foods do not pass through to breast milk. That seems to be supported by my online research.

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