Going Commando- Sleeping Without Underwear!

The benefits to sleeping without underwear!

Did you ever consider sleeping without underwear?  If not, did you know that doing so is actually good for you?  Well, think about it, the clothing you wear all day long restricts the air from getting “down there”.  

If you are a women going to bed without underwear can keep you from getting a yeast infection.  Or help get rid of one you already have.  Of course you want to make sure you are not on or expecting your period.  It would also be a good idea to either wear a long enough night-gown or loose fitting pants.

Going Commando is good for men too.  Doing so will allow their testicles to move more freely.  It also keeps them cooler “down there” and will aid in having healthier sperm production.  

Of course the added benefit is that if you go to bed without wearing underwear that is one less layer to be removed should things “heat up” in bed! There is also something to be said about the feeling of freedom between ones legs after a long day of being “restricted”.  You don’t believe me? Why don’t you give it a try!

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  1. interesting information, didnt know that had so many benefits.

  2. You won’t be sleeping as much that’s for sure. It’s a good way to bring more passion into your marriage or relationship. That all depends on your libido though. lol. I sound like a sex therapist now. I wrote an article last year called should you sleep in your birthday suit. It’s sort of funny and is still getting views.

  3. good post and attractive and informative. best regards

  4. Did you get a new job Love Doctor? LOL Just kidding. Hey, send me the link for your article I want to read it!

  5. Ok I will link to my articles ……I hope that you are enjoy reading my article and I hope that is very useful for you…………..I do not know job Love Doctor and LOL ? thanks

  6. Sorry, I meant for Love Doctor to send me her link to the article she wrote that is similar to this one. Though I do read other people’s articles on here as well so if you want to send them I will read them. Oh and LOL means “laughing out loud”! oh and the job thing was a joke from her comment. Sorry for the confusion!

  7. oh ya………..nice sounds. thanks for your detail information I like your comment very much.

  8. Personally, I just don’t really feel comfortable laying in bed without underwear on, at the very least. I’m not sure why, but its just always bothered me. I can be just getting out of the shower and have fresh, clean sheets on my bed, and yet, I do not want to jump into my bed naked. I’ll just stick to loose-fitting boxers for now until I can get over that weird little phobia of mine haha. I was unaware of it having healthful benefits either! Even more incentive to rid myself of it! heh nice article.

  9. good post : )

  10. Every part of the body needs fresh air. Any doctor would tell us that constantly wearing undergarments is not healthy. Yeast infections increase if one doesn’t air out. This article is good and helpful for all. It’s fine for any lady’s group in church or out. Prudes are annoying and childish. Great post!

  11. Going commando is good :)

  12. I don’t think it would be a good idea for a commando to sleep naked.

  13. Dennis you are too funny!

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