High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy (Pre Eclampsia)

This article will helps pregnant women how to manage hypertension during pregnancy and how to avoid the high blood pressure to occur, if possible.

I would like to share my own experience during my pregnancy. I was very excited then when my husband and I discovered that I was pregnant. On the third month of my pregnancy, I had my first ultrasound and in a very soon time I was able to know that I am carrying a baby girl. My pregnancy was little difficult because my husband is working in a different country that’s why we only communicate thru emails and chatting. I feel healthy and energetic and I didn’t experience morning sickness, vomiting etc. My blood pressure on my monthly check up was normal. I was lucky indeed. I am careful on what I eat and follow my doctor’s advice; always take my vitamins, drink milk daily  and of course eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

I am fond of watching in YOUTUBE the exercise for pregnant women, to avoid caesarian section if possible. I am not only satisfied in watching, I am sometimes doing it without pressure. On my surprise, on the 28th week of my pregnancy, one morning I suddenly felt that my head is aching down to the back of my neck. I just ignored it and thinking it was only part of the pregnancy. And it was gone, but then the next day it occurred again and I rushed to my doctor. She checked my blood pressure and it was 200/120! I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed I am experiencing pre-eclampsia (hypertension case). My baby and I were both in danger; I stayed in the hospital, with dextrose and lots of injection. I am very worried then and stress, I missed my husband but due to the call of duty He can’t come home.

I stayed in the hospital for a week and was advised to have a bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I stayed at home and my blood pressure is being monitored tightly by my family. I ate only oatmeal, fruits and steam vegetables (no rice, carbo and oily foods!) I still sometimes feel that my head aches, but due to the fear of staying in the hospital again (that lots of injections and dextrose again) I keep the pain to myself and pray hard. I had my weekly check up not only to my obgyn but to my cardiologist as well. My cardiologist monitored me as well since I have a very high blood pressure. I am taking medicines for about 15 capsules a day! I need to take every 4hours, so even I’m in the middle of sleeping I need to wake up to take the medicines. Those medicines were needed to control and manage my blood pressure.

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  1. good insightful article. will be very helpful for would-be mothers. Preparing a healthy delivery begins right from conception, as you have rightly pointed out (2 months before vitamin pills etc…)

  2. thank you so much raj,pharagraphs were not perfectly arranged!please bear with my article :)

  3. Very intersting and useful article

  4. well shared

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