Mastopatia: How to Maintain Healthy Breasts

You suffer from pain, burning, heaviness, increased sensitivity, or simply uncomfortable in the mammary glands? You showed that there were palpated some education, seals, or appear from time to discharge from the nipples? All this – a reason for treatment to a medical mammologist.

The fact that all of the above symptoms may be a manifestation of serious disease – mastopathy. According to statistics, it suffers up to 60 – 80% of women worldwide. Just think: eight out of ten women will sooner or later confronted with this disease! In this case, unfortunately, not all go to the doctor, hoping to “maybe”: it concerns not constant and not much – pobolelo few days before menstruation and passed. Many women find it commonplace, and yet cunning mastopathy is that this disease belongs to a pre-cancerous, that is, his background may develop a malignant tumor of the breast.

Mastopatia – a disease in which the mammary gland formed proliferations of tissue in the form of seals and cysts, which may be palpable in the breast in the form of small nodules. Most of the time they can not harass the woman, and therefore not even be noticed. But the place for some time – months, maybe years – and gradually, over 2-3 days before menstruation, these seals are beginning to become painful. Pain can “give back” to the region of the armpits and often accompanied by discharge from the nipple – usually transparent or yellowish. In severe cases the pain can become so strong that even light touch to the chest discomfort. These symptoms generally last before menstruation, during and two or three days after, then the pain decreases or disappears before the next menstrual period.

Over time, if a woman does not call the doctor, such seals is more, they increase in size and become dense knots. It can change size and shape of the breast. Unfortunately, very often the woman turns to the doctor only after the appearance of severe symptoms here.

But is it worth to wait so long and put off a visit to the doctor? After all, if you know, which is why there is disease, it is much easier to prevent, in time to see a doctor starting treatment before they appear serious consequences.

Why is breast?

The emergence of mastopathy associated primarily with hormonal imbalance, hormone – both sex hormones, and, for example, thyroid hormones, because the work of all endocrine glands are interdependent.

The mammary gland is very sensitive to all the hormonal fluctuations in women. And if something goes wrong – for example, there is a violation of the menstrual cycle, there are sexual problems, is abortion – is very often a reflection of these violations is precisely the problem with the mammary gland. And most often it is – breast.

However, some hormones and their elaboration of the case, unfortunately, can not do. After all, a hormonal imbalance can cause stress at work and at home. This is not only an acute stress, but also chronic – permanent suffering from a disorder of marital status or dissatisfaction with their social status, living conditions … and reasons for dissatisfaction with life, unfortunately, are at any one of us.

In addition, a risk factor for hormonal imbalance, and hence the appearance of mastopathy shall be considered irregular sexual life, sexual frustration, which, in turn, also cause stress. When a woman can not normalize their sex life, improve it, it greatly reduces the risk of mastopathy, and of course, reduces the severity of stress.

Breast Health is also closely linked to the state organs of female genital sphere. Therefore, all the gynecological diseases (inflammation of the appendages, uterine myoma, cervical erosion, and many others) impact on hormones, women may increase the likelihood of mastopathy.

Women who have ever had abortions who do not breast-fed or breast-feeding period was brief (less than 6 months) also face the risk of problem mastopathy. To reduce the risk of the disease, they need to make regular visits to the gynecologist and timely treat gynecological diseases.

To hormonal imbalance in the body can cause diseases of the endocrine glands – organs which, in fact, produce hormones. This is a disease of the thyroid gland, adrenal gland, pancreas. A good doctor must pay attention to the relevant symptoms and conduct a comprehensive survey to identify the true cause of the disease.

Another risk factor – breast trauma, including domestic and microtrauma, which in the subway, the bus pressed, pushed, accidentally struck in the chest with his elbow or a bag … need to be extra careful and to those women whose relatives have suffered through the female line of breast diseases gland. This means that the risk of mastopathy is higher, as the hereditary factor in the development of this disease is of great importance. Particular care should be about health and smokers, as this habit, amongst other ills, and even predispose to impairment of the breast …

It turns out an interesting pattern: if the count and take into account all the above risk factors, it turns out that the vast majority of the fair sex runs the risk of encounter with the disease. Unfortunately, in six – eight times out of ten happens.

To not be in the list of victims of mastopathy should think about how to protect themselves from this disease. To do this, you should regularly be inspected chest gynecologist (since this is the doctor performs preventive examinations of mammary glands), and at the slightest sign of symptoms described do not hesitate to consult a doctor-mammologist. This can save precious time, health, and, of course, the beauty of breasts!

Therefore – need a doctor!

On examination the doctor will listen to complaints, to gather detailed information about the disease and your health in general. In addition to the general examination, the doctor carefully manufactures palpation (feeling) of mammary glands. To its results were more informative, it is desirable to come to the doctor at 5-7 day after the first day of menstruation.

To diagnose breast diseases using mammography and ultrasound studies that can establish the existence of mastopathy and determine the nature of the changes. In addition, if necessary, conduct cytological study – determine the structural features of cells to eliminate cancer. It is possible that the doctor will prescribe a blood test is also to hormones (which help to identify endocrine disruption), as well as analysis on oncomarkers – specific substances, the presence or absence of which indicates the development of cancer.

After examination the doctor prescribe treatment, including those aimed at addressing that reason, which caused mastopathy. For example, if a gynecologic disorder, the appointment of drugs in conjunction with a gynecologist, endocrinologist, and if necessary – treatment by allied professionals. With an integrated approach to treatment, that is when the patient consulted several experts in various specialties, the effectiveness of therapy are much higher.

This should

Women’s breasts have always been considered the embodiment of beauty and femininity. To preserve the beauty of the breast as long as possible, it is very important time to take care of her.

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