My Amazing Breasts!

A little write up about my best features.

I used to be an extremely self conscious person.  I wanted so badly to be someone, anyone else.  I finally came into my own, as most people do, around the time I went off to college.  Somewhere in there, I really found myself, improved myself, and came to love who I am today!

I’m happy to say my breasts are not my own but they are fabulous.  I am not a severely insecure person, but I was very flat chested before hand and really wanted to at least feel like a woman.  That is why I had them done, and I cannot ever imagine regretting this decision.

They’ve gotten me a better life in general.  I went from feeling like I should hide, and acting like I didn’t deserve to have fun or have friends.

With my implants came confidence.  I pretty much redid myself.  I got a better job and just started having a better quality of life. 

Attention is an underrated thing.  It’s not just for people who feed off it.  It can be a vital part of life.

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  1. Life is as fun as you could make it.

  2. Beautiful

  3. Good one well shared thought life is what you make of it

  4. Happiness is a decision

  5. Very well stated. Life can be happy if a person tries to make their life happy.

  6. good one

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