Sand Cure

One of the worst things to lose something in the sand on the beach. Finding no. The sand absorbs everything. But if you lose property is a nuisance, it pains to lose in the sand, is tantamount to find wealth. In the following we will introduce you to the specific properties of the sand to "absorb" our pains.

is a healing method that has known Egyptian pharaohs and ancient Roman healers. It is known from time immemorial (his name is formed from the Latin words psammos – sand and therapia – treatment). Today this method of treatment is experiencing a new birth. For practicing his use special tanks that are filled with special sand with high thermal conductivity (to distribute heat evenly across the body). Psamoterapiyata has become self-direction, which enters the list of remedial procedures very SPA resorts, orthopedic clinics and some beauty salons.
The secret of the sands
is that very easily and quickly absorb the heat and more difficult and even January attach to surrounding objects, including the human body. That is why we do not experience discomfort when lying on the hot sand on the beach. The usefulness of psamoterapiyata is related to the fact that sand easily absorbs moisture (in scientific terms, it is highly hygroscopic). The sweat that is excreted by the body when heat effects on the body, as is assumed by him.
In psamoterapiyata is mainly used sand that is heated to 50-60 ° C. It activates the metabolism, circulation and limfopotoka. As a result, pain and swelling go.
What cures
These manipulations “disarm” rheumatism, arthritis, arthrosis and myositis (inflammation of skeletal muscles). On the hot sand fear more chronic inflammation of the adnexa of the uterus and kidney, neuritis (inflammation or degenerative nerve damage), neuralgia and radiculitis. Healing effect of the sand is not only due to its good thermal conductivity.
Remembering the lessons of Chemistry

Grit than silicon oxide containing potassium, calcium and magnesium carbonate, which in its structure are slightly alkaline. When you bury in the sand, we begin to sweat on your skin appears thin carbonate “film, due to which oxygen is rapidly transported to tissues and normal metabolism.
Besides relieving pains, psamoterapiyata support and reduction of weight.
For one treatment you can lose 1 to 1.5 kg.
Not least, the sand is a natural beauty scrub with excellent massage properties.
In the so-called common psamoterapiya
entire body with hot sand buries
Procedure you can do yourself if you happen to get bored on the beach. This can be very fun. Remember the movie “White Sun of the Desert” – sand, sand, sand in. .. Said head, protruding among the sand hills. Psamoterapiyata methodology has nothing to do with the Eastern torture. The procedures usually take place at very nice places – the beach or river. Before pyasakolechenieto your skin must be dry. The body is covered with a layer of sand 5-6 cm thick Remember that the heart and abdomen must remain uncovered, and his head you should put a hat. Hands and feet can sometimes to be covered with a thick layer of sand (10-12 cm).
Enjoy 30 minutes of pleasant sensations. After “digging” should not bathe and sun exposure. You only need to rinse with warm water and relax for half an hour in the shade.
Only thus will benefit from the healing properties of sand.
In local psamoterapiya
sand covered only problem areas on the body. In this case the length of a procedure may reach 1 hour and the temperature of the sand – 70 ° C.
You can test yourself and ancient sand method of treatment. To be “buried” in a horizontal position, you need only tanned muscular assistant. The important thing is not to be mixed with pebbles and mussel cherupchitsi.
Burial takes effect only if the sand is very hot. Otherwise, do not talk therapy and play on the beach.
The third option of therapy jokingly called “pocket” and is feasible at any time of year. It is enough to put sand in a heated linen cloth and to apply it hurts.
Remedial procedures will have a positive effect on you if you pre discuss their options with their doctor.
Psamoterapiyata as any other “hot” procedure has
It can not benefit people who suffer from infectious diseases or their chronic disability in the period of exacerbation. Psamoterapiyata is absolutely contraindicated for hypertensive and suffering from epilepsy. Female diseases such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, mastopathy and hormonal dysfunction of the ovaries automatically preclude treatment with hot sand. Furthermore, procedures should be carried out during menstruation and 2-3 days before you came cycle.

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