Secrets of Women’s Clitoris

Know the secrets of women is crucial if we want to give happiness and pleasure during sexual intercourse. One of the secrets of women is called Mrs.V clitoris.

What is the clitoris?
Among males the penis is the object of arousal in women. Short women’s clitoris cock is probably in part because the nerve endings that do so in the context of a very sensitive and often leads to orgasm.

Where is the clitoris?
The clitoris is easy to find since it is at the top of the labia minora. Clitoris through her ​​lips surrounded by folds. The form itself looks like a peanut benjilan and every woman has the size of the clitoris, which can be different too. In the clitoral hood is a fat derives its size when the woman enthusiastically.

What is the function of the clitoris?
The clitoris is often associated with pregnancy, menstruation or menses and urine found. But the clitoris itself is not out of those three things. The function of the clitoris itself is nothing other than the primary stimulus for women, happiness can prepare.

How does the clitoris making plants happy?
Just as the penis is the most sensitive part of the head, because he has a system of erectile tissue. When the woman to stimulate the clitoris, the blood will complete this section and add sensitivity.

The clitoris is very sensitive that direct stimulation painful sometimes, what’s the solution?
Of course, the most important to your partner about how we should communicate to cope. Of course, this is for the benefit of both parties in the future to harm one.

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