Semen is a Very Powerful and Natural Anti Depressant

A male’s semen has been proven to be a very powerful anti-depressant.

                           Semen Is A Very Powerful And Natural Anti Depressant

Semen is the white fluid produced by the male sex organ. Semen is always whitish in color. Science has shown that semen contains water and some vital amounts of salt, protein and fructose sugar.

According to experts, semen when swallowed has a great deal of health benefits to the consumer. Semen is also has very beneficial qualities when rubbed on the skin.  

Semen has also been known to battle various forms of cancers.

But did you know that a healthy man’s semen can also serve as a very powerful and potent anti-depressant?

I bet not too many people knew about this!

According to scientists, semen contains a very huge amount of psychoactive chemicals. Amongst this include the following:

·         Semen contains a chemical known as Tyrosine which the body tends to convert into adrenalin. Adrenalin as we all know is a very important chemical produced by the body when you are angry or excited or scared. This chemical makes the heart to beat faster so that you can move quickly.

·         Semen also contains Arginine – a form of amino acid which is said to increase the flow of blood and to numb pain.

·         Semen produces the chemical known as Beta-endorphin – a form of natural painkiller that reduces our anxiety levels.

·         Semen interestingly also is believed to produce two chemicals called Estrogen and Oxytocin, which are said to be female hormones which are said to produce a feeling of happiness in humans especially females.

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