Seven Facts About Breast

Recognized by many men, the breast is the most interesting part of the female body.

Seven Facts About Breast, For women too, breasts are also a part of the body most attention. Maintenance is also more leverage than other body parts. But, it turns out there are a few things about the breast that not many people know, as quoted from the pages of the Times of India.

  • Left breast larger than the right. Indeed, not so obvious, but try to compare between the left and your right breast. The left one is definitely bigger than the right. So is not the same size nipples between left and right.
  • In some women’s breasts sometimes overgrown with hair on his part areola (black section that circles near the nipple). Sometimes this hair is one factor that makes a man turn-off. But, which amounts to about 2-15 hair strands, which grow in this section is a natural thing that did not need to worry. In addition, the dark skin of a woman, then getting dark too areola its territory.
  • Breast weight about 0.5 kg. Breast weight is equivalent to 4-5% by weight of body fat and 1% of body weight a woman. Also more fatty breasts as a woman ages. For those who smoke, beware, because your breasts will feel more soft compared with the no smoking. This is because women who smoke have less body fat than nonsmokers.
  • Approximately 2 million women do breast implants. Ranging from Pamela Anderson to Katie Price did not hesitate to change the size of her breasts appear to be more contained. But, many are not satisfied with the outcome after surgery. On average women who perform breast implant is a 34-year-old.
  • Breasts will enlarge if women get stimulus Like Mr. Happy man. So also with the nipple which will harden when it is aroused.
  • Keep the breast so as not to move much. Effect of exercise such as jogging or aerobics can make the breasts to move in any direction. Therefore, use a bra that fits, preferably a sports bra, which can lock the breast tightly. It is also to minimize injury to the breast.
  • Breasts can change shape. One of them was sleeping on my stomach. Therefore, avoid sleeping position like this. It is best to sleep with a face on one side and insert bolsters under your breasts.
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