Sick Breasts After Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers usually breast often complain of pain during breastfeeding. Here are some things that can cause breast pain.

Nipples hurt while nursing. When a nursing mother the first time, both breasts will change size to form the nipple. Of course these changes have a process, and usually changes shape the nipple can cause pain in the mother. Friction with the baby’s mouth will continue to be able to make the nipples had blisters, sore feeling it will continue to be felt when the mother breast-feeding a baby.

Sometimes, mothers who can not stand the pain to stop breastfeeding your child, but as long as the wound is not a germ or virus infection, the mother can continue to give breast milk to infants. Saliva and breast milk to babies around the nipple and breast circumference is an antiseptic that can kill microorganisms, so blisters can heal by itself.

Breast swelling due to stagnation or abundance of breast milk but not immediately released. This is normal, the cause is because the levels are too long time between the previous and next feeding.

Full of milk will make the breast hard, painful, swollen, sometimes accompanied by fever and headache in the mother. The way to overcome this by doing a light massage and immediately issued via a pump or provide breast milk to the baby directly.

Mastitis, irritation of the wound can cause swelling, breast pain, tenderness, and sometimes fever sufferers feel constantly. Blisters on the breast that is not considered clean can cause mastitis, namely the spread of germs that can cause infections, mastitis is considered severe if the cause of pus, but this is rare.

Infant feeding can continue as long as there is no action or surgical abscess pus. Prohibited from performing massage to prevent further spread of germs. Mothers should take antibiotics to help speed wound healing.

Breast pain while nursing is actually a matter of course, the mother should not feel too frightened and anxious. Because the pain can be overcome with proper handling and correct. The most important thing is that every mother should be aware of the task, a task that well certainly not going to get worse treatment.

So is breastfeeding, mothers should not feel reluctant to give milk to their babies, because breast milk is good for the baby but it will bring harm to the mother. Therefore, never give in to deliver milk to the baby!

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