Simple Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Happy

Because it pays to keep your "best friend" down there well taken cared of.

Keep it clean and fresh smelling with a pH-balanced feminine wash at least twice a day, use water if you want to wash more than that. The vagina has its own cleansing system, so don’t disrupt the balance by overcleansing it. Over-the-counter products sometimes do more harm than good.

Trim your hedge. Keep your pubic hair tamed or trimmed. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of services in salons to keep your pubic area nice looking. You may trim it yourself or have it bikini waxed. If you’re brave enough, you may get a brazilian. Your man will thank you for it.

Wear cotton panties when needed, and go panty-free to bed or whenever there is an opportunity.

Do kegel exercises. Squeeze the muscle you’d use to stop urine flow (but don’t do this during urination, it will cause bladder infection), hold it for as long as you can, and release, repeat as many times as you can. 20 to 30 reps per day. Then try doing this also when your man’s “inside” you. It will bring you stronger orgasms in 3 months.

Don’t wear tampons for more than 8 hours. Avoid using super absorbent tampons during medium to light flow menstruation days to prevent vaginal stress and infection.

Find the best position for G-spot stimulation with your man. Most women (and men) find the reverse cowgirl position very pleasurable.

Again, keep it clean. Only your washed hands (or your man’s) are allowed to handle your hot spot.


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  1. Thank You this was very helpful…

  2. hi
    is it okay to wear cotton/elastane panties?
    thats what i always wear.

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