Six Things That Make Pregnancy Easier

Expecting a new baby is one of the most exciting events in a woman’s life but pregnancy can be stressful. Here are the top five things that will make those nine months a lot easier.

Nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and varicose veins! It is enough to make any woman say, “oh no, pregnancy is not for me!” Yet, when those cute little eyes look up at you in the delivery room, you realize it was all worth it. As you can tell, I was not a big fan of being pregnant. For me, it was very taxing on the body and with the birth of my latest addition, I have decided to shut down production lines. I have two children who are thirteen years apart. Although each pregnancy was no picnic, there some things that made it less difficult. 

Start prenatal care as soon as possible.

Don’t treat the pregnancy as if there are no risks for you and your baby. No matter how old you are, having a good obstetrician is the key element in ensuring that you and your baby are healthy. They will assess your nutrition, perform blood-work and other examinations that will alert them to any problems. Many women suffer with anemia, are predisposed to vaginal strep, or have genetic risks that need to be monitored carefully.

Drink Water

One of the side effects of pregnancy is having to go to the bathroom every five minutes or so. There are some women who will try to avoid drinking water just to lessen the urge to go. Guess what? Regardless of whether you have drank enough water or not, you will still find yourself waddling quickly to the bathroom. Drinking water is not only to replenish your body and flush out toxins but also important for the baby.

Eat for the baby, not for your pleasure

Pregnancy is not a time for deep fried Twinkies! Even if you normally live on McDonald’s, during pregnancy it must stop. Make sure that you are getting enough vegetables, dairy, and protein for the development of the baby. When I am not pregnant, I tend to have a problem with eating right and consuming enough calories. However, I made sure that diversified my diet and consumed enough calories for the health and survival of my child. Trying to stay slim during the pregnancy is impossible. You are going to gain weight regardless. If you are afraid of ruining your body, you should have thought twice about getting pregnant because lack of nutrients is risky for your baby’s development.

Don’t just sit there

Pregnancy will make you very tired! However, unless your doctor has told you to stay off of your feet, fitness is still important. Walking will not only help you decompress psychologically but it will also help your cardiovascular system in good shape.

Take your Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins can be hard to swallow literally but you need them for baby’s development. Don’t just avoid taking them! If you are having a hard time due to the size and coating on the pill, ask your doctor to switch you to another brand.

Find a way to relax

There are a lot of women who become temperamental during pregnancy. I was one of them! In fact, I think I was downright mean and an emotional wreck throughout both pregnancies. Don’t worry, this too will pass and you are not crazy! You may find yourself crying or angry over some of the least little things. I broke down in tears one day after finding mustard on my cheeseburger and until this day, I laugh about it. Your hormones are going through so many changes until it is absolutely necessary to find a way to decompress. Music, meditation, hobbies are excellent distractions. With my last pregnancy, I was living in Italy and my command of Italian wasn’t so great. The internet became my friend. I found an awesome baby website for expectant mothers that really kept me going.  I made friends, shared information and kept a blog. Believe me it helps a lot! Here are some links to a few free sites. I used “I am” but I’ve added a few others.

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