Stimulation of The Vagina with The Fingers: New Techniques to Stimulate The Vagina!

A master of stimulation techniques fingering a man is very, very, very loved by women. How about to learn some new stimulation techniques and make your fingers wet and wild partner?

Stimularea vaginului cu degetele: Tehnici noi de stimulare a vaginului!

If you run in to the ideas and do not know how to give your partner pleasure, here are some tips that you should not miss.And remember, every woman loves a man who knows what to do with your hands!

Stimulation technique fingers “Master Sculptor”

To properly perform the technique of stimulating female fingering called “the master sculptor, has C-shaped hand by bending the thumb up and down the other fingers.

Then imagine your partner’s vagina as a clock. Put your thumb at 6am and then move it to 12 o’clock. After that, put the other four fingers in the pubic area. Before you enter into the vagina, make sure to lubricate or moisten them with saliva enough.

After your fingers will be ready for penetration, she begins to move your hand, which should be in the form of C, up and down. With her fingers bent will be able to easily reach G-spot. You can tell the point G as an easy take on the inside of the vaginal walls.

So you can either press your thumb in a random place inside the vagina or you can rub the G-spot it . Use your other hand and put it on your stomach and your partner, just above the pubic area.

Tehnici pentru stimularea partenerei cu degetele

Women love men who know how to use your hands!

Now open the other four fingers on the “manpower” and caressing her pubic area as possible. If you do it master sculptor technique, your partner will feel a great pleasure.

Finger stimulation technique “dynamic technique”

Female stimulation technique known as “dynamic technique is basically an upgrade of the art” Master Sculptor. “

All you have to do is move your thumb inside the vagina from time to time, as your finger would indicate the passage of time from 1 to 12, but every time you stop. Start at 12 and continue until you get to June. Then, include the index and middle finger into her vagina and move all your fingers until you get at 12.

While doing that, you can easily hit one with your other hand on your stomach or, even better, to stimulate her clitoris with her ​​.

Now, enjoy your privacy and her pleasure.

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